Tracy and Quinn, the best of friends. They're inseparable but when news hit them in the face, will Tracy and Quinn be able to stay friends, or will they not be same anymore?


3. Chapter Three: Tracy

      The exotic smell of an airport sucked up my nose.  Me and Quinn have been waiting in this chair for 3 hours.  We already started boarding, but my number isn't up yet.  My number is B 59 and right now it's B 1-30 boarding.  "Quinn...I board next." I say, breaking out in sobs.  "Hey, our month was fun wasn't it?" She asked.  "Yeah..." I give a weak chuckle.  "Go Mets!" I cheer, weakly.  "Hey... tell those people in Italy you met Katy Perry?" Quinn asked, showing our pictures at the wax museum.  "Duh, and #tallestbuildinginAmerica."  "Ye-" Terminals 30-60 are boarding currently.  "What." "Call everyday?" Quinn asked.  "Duh."  I grab Quinn in a bear hug.  "Try to enjoy New York, won't you?" I ask.  "Long Beach will miss you." Quinn said, choking back a sob.  "They'll barely notice i'm gone, as of you. " I sob, hugging Quinn.  "Slap me." "What?" "I won't miss somebody who slaps me." "I'm not going to slap you." "That's why i'll miss you so much!" Quinn sobbed.  "Ant farm, haha." I laughed.  I slapped Quinn recklessly, then I hugged her really tight.  "Goodbye." I say, choking back tears.  "Goodbye..." She said.  As I went to board the plane, I saw Quinn behind me, sobbing.  I hold my tears in.  

      "Dear, we have different seats." My mom sighed.  "Hey, i'll be fine." I say, reassuring my mother.  "You sure?" She asked, doubt clearly in her voice.  "Oh shush!" I laugh.  I go sit in my seat in the middle, perfect.  A snoring grandmother and a crying baby.  Oh great, there goes my sleep. 

       "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" "Agh!" I put my head up, covering my ears.  "Stupid baby, woke me up from my nap!" I say, angrily.  I handed the baby my favorite blankie from my backpack to shut it up.  "Oooh." The baby cooed.  "Great, the stupid little baby shut up, I love life." I say, sinking into my seat.  The baby's mom pulls my seat back and thanks me for finally getting her baby some sleep.  "No problem ma'am, wake me when it lands." I say, putting on my sleepmask.  "Oh, sweetie.  It already did." "HUH?!" I throw my head up, as the plane skids on the runway. The baby played with my blankie calmly.  "I forgot, I'VE NEVER BEEN ON A PLANE BEFORE OI!" I scream, covering my face.  The grandma wakes up and then she snorts.  "HEY GRANDMA, HELP ME OUT HERE!" I scream, sarcastically.  "Wha- are you my granddaughter?!" she said before falling asleep.  The plane started to move calmly.  "Oh my god, oh my god." "Never been on a plane before?" the mom asked.  "Did you not hear me yelling? I've never flew, EVER!"  "That's good, now get up." She said, collecting her baby.  "Gladly." I said, before getting up and leaving the plane. 

     My mom walks out of the airport with me and we see a taxi.  I see a boy about my age holding up a sign that said "Tracy and Danielle. " "That's for us mom." I say, smiling.  I took Italian classes so I know (barely) fluent Italian.  "Ciao Bella." The boy said to me.  " name isn't Bella." I said blushing.  Bella means pretty in Italian, maybe he's calling me pretty? "Inglese?" He asked.  "Si." I replied.  "Ah, yes.  I was saying hello pretty." He laughed.  "Let's go inside the cab." I giggle.  "Well, ciao bella faccia." "What?" "Pretty face, like that pretty face of yours." He said, laughing.  We both step into the cab.  A man is at the front sitting with my mom.  "Who's the man?" I asked.  "My father." He said, sighing.  "He doesn't know any inglese, sadly." "Ah, yes well I don't know that much Italian!" I frown.  "Ciao! Come si chiama?" "Doesn't he know?" I ask.  "Doesn't pay attention." The boy replied.  "Tracy.  " I simply respond.  "What's your name?" I ask the boy.  "Oh, Carlos." He responded.  His father and him had a conversation in Italian.  Carlos was blushing and laughing.  When the cab arrives at a nice apartment complex, Carlos helps me carry me luggage upstairs.  "Thank you Carlos." "Ah, anything for a pretty girl." "Awww, sweet." I say, fiddling with my long brown hair.  "Ciao."  He said, waving.  "Ciao." I said, giggling.  Carlos left me giggling, do I like him?! All thoughts aside on that topic.  I need to call Quinn.   

      I kick my feet on my newly unpacked desk.  I grab a bag of potato chips and I connect to my wi-fi.  I play on my computer and I see that Quinn is on Skype.  I press FaceTime for Quinn.  "Hay Quinn!" I giggle.  "Hey...Tracy." Quinn said.  Quinn was in an unfamiliar room, must be hers.  "So, I met this super cute guy and so then we were fl-" Ew, are you FaceTiming with that dork!?" A familiar voice said.  "Why are you hanging out with Taylor..." "Errr...Tracy...I have to go." Quinn said, looking guilty and nervous.  "Damn right you have to go." I hang up on the Skype call.  How can Quinn, of all people be friends with Taylor Fitzgerald? 


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