Tracy and Quinn, the best of friends. They're inseparable but when news hit them in the face, will Tracy and Quinn be able to stay friends, or will they not be same anymore?


1. Chapter One: Tracy

     Best friends, the only person you absolutely need in your life.  Which is why i’m lucky to have one.  Her name is Quincy Marie Wilson.  We’ve been best friends since birth, we’re both 16 years old and in our Sophomore year.  We do pretty good socially, we have friends but none as close as me with Quinn.  Me and Quinn are like the siamese twins, we’re inseparable, by choice of course.  But we wouldn’t die when somebody seperates us, well only on the inside.  We do everything together, we both have long brown hair that we grew out, we never cut it not even for split ends.  And I frankly love that we do everything for each other.  Quinn practically lives with me and my mom, my dad and my mom are divorced because of money problems, they still love each other.  My dad took my brother, I never knew him that well.  His name was A.J.  My mom still has money issues, she works constantly so i’m always home alone (with Quinn! Of course.) Me and Quinn do everything together, she joins a sport, I join it.  She joins a club, i’m already in it.  She’s thinking about going somewhere? My permission slip is already signed.  With Quinn she has 2 parents, a dad and a mom.  Her dad’s never home and her mom’s always home, doing some craft.  Her mom is obsessed with Pinterest.  Her mom wants Quinn out of the house, so that’s why Quinn’s always at mine.  But our money issues are really bad lately, which is why i’ve been borrowing Quinn’s clothes.  By the way, Quinn practically LIVES in our guest room, when we have actual guests she just goes home (haha just kidding!) or stays in my room.   Best friend, my favorite person in the world.  


    We walk the halls at our school.  “Okay, Quinn when I get bored i’m gonna double tap my feet, that means go to the bathroom then i’ll go after you, got it?” “Totally.”  She laughs.  “Great!” I squeal.  I clap.  


    I walk into class and I wink at Quinn.  I am halfway through my test when I sneeze.  I sneeze in Quinn’s direction.  She winks at me.  I do the double tap with my feet, then she raises her hand and sneezes.  She keeps sneezing and she rubbed her nose.  “Hey, Mrs. Perkins may I please go to the nurse’s office?” Quinn asked.  “I think i’m coming down with a cold.”  “Sure.” Mrs. Perkins said, blandly.  Quinn leaves.  I start sneezing.  “I think i’m the one that gave it to her...can I?” “Fine.”  I leave and me and Quinn sneak to the bathroom.   We laugh.  “Oh my god, that was hilarious!” She laughs.  “Like Mrs. Perkins was all looking bland and we’re like okay..” Me and Quinn talk for a long time until our worse nightmare neters the bathroom.  “Ugh, if it isn’t the Siamese twins.”  Taylor said.  “Not fair, that’s my reference.” I whine.  Taylor flipped her hair rudely.  “Whateves, I shouldn’t deal with wannabes like you, you wanna be so cool and yet you’re really not.” She said, sighing.  Two of her minions enter and laugh.  “Aren’t you supposed to be taking a test right now, you know me and Mrs. Perkins are like...this.” She crossed her fingers.  “Fine, let’s go Quincy.” I say.  She sighs.  We walk into Mrs. Perkins’ room together.  “The nurse said we should go home.” I lie.  “Grab your stuff and you can go.”  I nod, we both grab our bags and run out of the school.  “GAH WE DITCHED SCHOOL!” I squeal.  “Gee, act a little more excited don’t ya.”  Quinn said sarcastically while laughing.  “I will!” I say, booping her nose.  “Say we ditched school a bit louder, half of the world didn’t hear you.”  “Haha, very funny.” I state.  We laugh and we walk off.


    We sneak in to my house from the window, of course.  The alarm rings and I immediately deactivate it.  “Ugh, my mom is crazy.” I say, putting my hand to my face.  “It’s not like anyone is going to break into this mess!” I say, pointing to the mess, all over.  Our house was one story, me and Quinn usually stayed in the basement while my mom slept upstairs.  My mom was always stressed out.  We go in my bedroom and we watch some TV shows.  My mom comes home.  We hide behind the couch right after turning the TV off.   She walked down to the basement to her craft room.  She was on the phone.  “Yeah Linda, I don’t know how i’m going to tell Tracy.” “U-” Quinn starts.  I shove my finger on her mouth.  “Linda, I don’t want to tell Tracy, it’ll break her heart, she can’t live without Quinn.” She said, pacing back and forth.  “Wha-” I shove my whole hand on her mouth and she licked it, I pulled my hand away, sighing.  “I can’t tell Tracy I finally got a job! I know it’s good news-” “That’s good news, why wouldn’t she want to tell y-” “Shush Quinn!” I whisper shout.  “Tracy?” My mom said.  She walked behind the couch and saw me and Quinn.  “What are you doing home?” She asked.  I coughed.  “We went home sick. “ “Oh.” My mom said, smiling.  “Okay, go ahead watch some TV!” She said, smiling a fake smile.  What...what did my mom want to tell me?


    Me and Quinn go to school, the next day acting like nothing happened yesterday.  “Why didn’t my mom want to tell me anything?” “I dunno.” Quinn asked, shrugging.  Taylor was bullying a poor girl.  “Ha! Virginia really? You like Jordan?!”  She squeaked, scared.  She shook her head in fear.  “Good, he’ll never like a girl like you.” She said, sneering and looking at Virginia in disgust.  “HEY!” Quinn said, angrily walking up to Taylor.  “Qu-” “No.” Quinn had no filter, I wanted to stick up for Virginia.  “What? You wanna stick up for Virginia the Virgin?” “Jordan is not stupid enough to not like a girl like Virginia, and if he doesn’t she’s obviously too good for him!” Quinn barked.  “Where’s all that confidence going to be without your best friend?” Taylor asked, sneering.  “What?” I asked.  This must be what my mom was talking about.  


“You didn’t hear? Your own mom didn’t tell you..”


“Didn’t tell me what. “


“That Tracy, she got a job..”


“So I heard.”

“In Italy.”


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