Tracy and Quinn, the best of friends. They're inseparable but when news hit them in the face, will Tracy and Quinn be able to stay friends, or will they not be same anymore?


4. Chapter Four: Quinn

     "Listen Trace, i'm sorry.  The friendship just sorta...happened!" "Oh, so that's how it went?!" "Wait...just..." "I don't care." Tracy hung up.  "Wai-" 


      "TRACE, DON'T LEAVE MEEE!" I say, sobbing as the plane left for Italy.  My mom looked at me as if I was super weird, she never had a best friend like I did.  "Hey, Quinn." A familiar voice says.  "Huh?" I ask, flipping around.  I see Taylor's sneering face start at me. "Whatdya want Taylor?" I say, hate clearly in my voice.  "Relax, I want a truce, I can actually be nice."  She held her hand out to shake mine.  "I hear you're in the market for a best friend?" Taylor asked.  "Maybe I am, maybe i'm not." I glared.  "Well I have to go, my mom wants me." I say, trying to leave.  Taylor grabs my arm.  "Where is she then?" I look around, trying to find my mom.  "She's-" I start.  "Gone, let me give you a ride."  "Is that even legal?" I scrunch my nose.  "It is in my world Quincy." Taylor said, dragging me to her car.

     "Honey, I hope this isn't your wardrobe." Taylor scrunched her nose, looking through my clothes.  "Well, I mean-" "So many I'm with stupid, she's crazy, she's my other half shirts.  It's making me cringe." Taylor sneered.  "Well I don't have any money to pay for-" "But I do.  Let me take you shopping." She smiled.  "....thank you...?" I ask, confused.  Taylor just grabbed my arm and drove me to stores. 

      I laugh as I dance with the mannequins.  Taylor was laughing along with me as she picked out outfits.  We finally decided on a load of clothes.  Me and Taylor went through so many stores, and spent so much money that we could buy all the starving kids of the world dinner for a week.  

     "Okay, I think we're done." I laugh.  Taylor looks at my long brunette hair.  Me and Tracy both grew out our hair, and we never cut it not even for split ends.  Our hair was the same length, it reached down to the top of our waist.  Taylor wanted to change it... oh no.  "We're gonna bleach your hair so you become a blonde, and get your hair cut so it's only halfway down your back." Taylor nodded in approval of her own suggestion.  "Wha-" "Great, let's get to the hair salon!" She squealed.

     I look at myself in the mirror, and I look freakishly good.  I admire my hair before Taylor grabbed me to leave the hair salon.  "Quinn, now that we're done.  You have the golden opportunity to be popular.  Do you take it?" She asked.  Tracy would hate me, but she's in Italy.  I have no friends, and nothing to lose so... "Yeah." 

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