Written Words


4. Dear Diary, After Third day of School

Hello, my imaginary conversationalist. I appologize that we couldn't really talk yesterday. I was loaded with pounds and pounds of homework. Welcome to eleventh grade to me, huh? Nothing really even happened today at school, besides work. Wait, I feel like there's something I'm missing... Oh yea, and more work. But besides that, I really have nothing to say. Ok I can tell your waiting for me to say something about Matt. Well, here it goes... still waiting, aren't you?... see that's the thing, I was too. I don't know where he was today. Maybe he was absent, or maybe he... No. He couldn't have... do you think he actually moved away and transferred to another school? What's that you say? You think I'm ridiculous? Yea I am. I mean, one day that he's not at school and I've already jumped to conclusions that he's moved away to Oregon or something and we're all the way over in Miami, Florida. He's probably just sick. I don't know. It kinda disappointed me. Ahh. Who am I kidding? It DID disappoint me. My friends even noticed that I was a bit sad, and I haven't even told them about Matt yet. But while we're still on the topic of friends... I have to tell you something, but it must stay just between us. Ok? Good. So apparently, one of my best friends, Perry, likes my other bestfriend, Ashley. Like Oh My Gosh. What if she likes him back, and they start dating? That would just be straight up weird. I mean, I've always seen them as just friends. Best friends even, then they start dating? What? That's all for now. Remember, I have tons of homework. Byee 


-Savannah Evans <3

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