Written Words


3. Dear Diary, After Second day of School

So, today was the second day of school. It was pretty interesting. Guess what happened ... I said GUESS! Ok fine, I'll tell you. So there I was, wandering through the halls finding my next class. When I saw a neon paper posted up on a bulletin board. I stopped, curious as to what it was. Surprinsigly, it was a sign up sheet for soccer. One for the boys team, and one for the girls. This absolutely made my day! I love soccer, I've played it all my life. As I picked up the pen that was dangling from the board as well, reaching out to sign on the next vacant line... my eyes crossed over to boy's sign up sheet. And there it was. The best thing ever. The best signature ever. "Matt Staine" he wrote. I about died, right in that hallway. That's the one thing I didn't know about Matt. He was into soccer? I signed the girl's sign up sheet and pratically skipped away. Every day... I'd get to practice soccer with Matt. Can you believe it? This is my chance to cast a spell on him and make him love me forever--- I mean. This is my chance to make small talk. Yea.... ok. I'm still not sure how I'm gonna start off a conversation with him. The "nice beard" is always an option. Or maybe there's room for just a simple "Hey, how are you?" No... that's a bit too formal. Maybe I should just let it happen. (Hah) Yea right. Like Matt would ever just randomly make a conversation with me. That would never happen. I don't know. Maybe it's just not ment to be. I have to go take a shower now... But I'll let you (my imaginary conversationalist) know when I figure out what to do. Ehh


-Savannah Evans <3

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