Written Words


2. Dear Diary, After First day of School

Heyyy. How was your day? Mine of course, was great. See, I'm not quite sure why I write in my diary like I'm actually having a conversation with someone. Woah. If I was, I would be a real chatter box ... Oh sorry I paused there, I forgot that you can't hear me laughing ... Why do I keep doing this? I mean it's not like anyone would ever reads this junk ... Sorry again I gasped after that last sentence there. What if someone did read my diary one day ... Ok now that one was literally just me thinking. Huh. That would be pretty embarrassing for me. Considering, I literally just spill my heart out to my imaginary conversationalist. Anyways, enough of that topic. Let's discuss something else. Like how my day went. Hmmmm, it was awesome! I have ALL classes with ALL of my bestfriends. This is going to be the BEST school year of my life. Eeeeh <3 I'm so happy, and of course I get to see Matt like a LOT since we cross each other's path like four times in a school day! And we actually made eye contact today when he was walking to his class and I was going to lunch. Might not seem like much, but it's a HUGE progress. But I'm not sure he's looking to date, ever since his ex-girlfriend, Hailey, broke up with him. And you're probably wondering how I know all this. Well, one of my other friends, Chirstian (but I call him Chris) takes a few classes with him. Although, I wouldn't say him and Matt are friends. Chris probably annoys the crap out of him ... Sorry again, I just couldn't help my self ... But anywas, yea I get all my information from him. Which is surprisingly a lot of gossip. So, it really would just be weird if I ever talked to Matt. Considering the fact that I know like everything about him and he doesn't even know my name. I don't know, maybe I should try to make small talk with him. Like, at least shoot for being friends. Right? I don't know. I might just have to say "Nice beard." I guess. Something like that, he might appreciate it after all. Is it weird that I kinda wanna touch it? It looks fluffy. But that would just be weird, so nevermind. But maybe one day ... one day. 

-Savannah Evans <3

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