Wishful Thinking

I made a wish...
A wish that had changed my life for the greater good.
But sometimes that wish made me sacrifice many things.



I was blazed like no tomorrow. My body was burning from the inside out. My body was throbbing, I could feel my heart beating. It was a slow painful throb. Am I that drunk that my vision begins to go blurry. What's happening? My body is  slow. My breathing hitches. I look to my left there is a guy in his mid forties watching me intently. There is someone talking to him. I look to my right looking up and down I see two men in all back sitting at the end of the bar watching just as much as the other guy. 

If i left they would follow me. I need to find a way to sober up. But how?! They wont be able to hear me if I order a soda. The nightclub music is to high and the pub was pulsing its the best I can do for now. I had to be calm but act like I was still drunk I can't let them know I was getting sober or else it's going to be more difficult. But who were these guys. I have no idea who they are. Why drug me? I understand if it was one guy, but four men trying to get one girl. I've never done drugs before so I'm not sure. What do I do to get out this mess? I have no clue on what to do. I only know what I've been told. 

The bar was beginning to close, I was going to get kicked out any second. I couldn't see any of those men anywhere. Where did they go? What if they are outside there waiting. ARGH!! This isn't what was meant to happen. Am I going to get murdered? Is that it? Im just their target for the night. I looked and walked around the club inside they were no where to be found. Hopefully they found a better target. I was sober enough now to walk home, but not that confident of myself in the dark, so I did the best I could and called a taxi while I was inside the bathroom. By the time i left the bathroom there were only 2 boys and 5 girls. Plus the hot bartender! god he was a cutie! 

I walked out with the same group. My taxi number was 666, so all I had to do was find my cab and I was home safe home. Snuggled up in my nice warm bed. The drive was long I knew the cabby was going the long way just to earn a bit of extra cash. At least that's what I thought anyway. He was slowing with what i though was my street but wasnt at all. Did I pass out?  "  Where are we?" I was freaking now I was now on the verge of an anxiety attack. The cabby wasn't answering me. He stopped the car. "What are you doing?!" There were five men outside surrounding the car. He wasn't saying anything but facing the front, i even shook him and still no answer. It was like he was a controlled zombie. I locked all the doors. Every step they took my breathe got shorter. Once they reached the car I was puking on the floor. "I hope they kill you to!" Both the back passenger doors were ripped off like a piece of paper. Who were these men! they were like monster or something. The one on left grabbed me and reefed me out of the car. I screamed from the sharp pain in my arm when the guy yanked me. "HEY! watch it, I haven't even done anything wrong!!" They guys eyes became wide. "Shit, Joshua!! You can't hurt her he will kill you.  

The young man instantly dropped me, frightened like he had seen a ghost. "What the hell is wrong with you guys? I don't know what I've done wrong to be put on your bad side." They didn't say anything. "Oh darling you did nothing wrong it's just time for you to come back to my side" Not one them spoke. They just stood there frozen. "Whose there?!" They were all stepping back, as a shadow was appearing behind them. "Who are you" I could feel it, a powerful aura coming from this person. It was drawing me in so much. I began to walk towards it. "Yes that's  a good girl, your body deep inside knows who I am" His voice it was so smooth and coaxing. Coaxing me closer with every step burning from the inside out. His eyes though they were glowing like a bright moon shining on the wide open ocean.  

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