Nothing to Something

The Universe is big deal. It contains everything. It is law.
Well, it would be if Humans weren't so talented at rebelling. I truly do not understand them. Given life, and then demanding more. We were dumb enough to allow it. We found it entertaining. Then We found it annoying. Then it was irritating. Then We hated it.
Too bad we can't do anything about it.


1. Zero to Staccato

... I am here. What can I do here? I have an idea.

A new idea.

I wonder if this will even turn out well. Let us find out together. Is that alright Reader? We will go through the actions while you stay back and read. If so, continue. If not... leave.


Let us find out... hmm. I need a name for you.


I dub thee Ko.

As for you, Reader, you may call me Uchu.

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