Raine Martinez had everything. A family, money, popularity, and a hot boyfriend. All of that changes when she becomes pregnant. Her friends isolate her, her boyfriend leaves her, and her family abandons her. Hurt and depressed, she is found on the road by none other than One Direction. Can she escape the drama of her past life? WARNING: possibly triggering. Rape, sex, drugs & alcohol are present in this movella.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV:

I was in my flat with the guys, playing xbox and eating chips.

"Harry I bet you $5 you wouldn't do a cartwheel shirtless on the lawn," Niall said."

I never refuse a dare, so we all went outside. I was just beginning to take my shirt off when I saw something across the street.

I stared, trying to figure out what it was.

"Harry..?" Liam said, coming towards me.

"There's something there... I'm gonna go see what it is."

We all walked over, and that's when I realized...

It was a person.

A girl, dressed in a black dress.

"Holy shit is she even alive?" Louis said.

I checked her pulse.

"Yea, she is... Call an ambulance Niall."

A fee minutes later, we were in my car, following an ambulance carrying a girl we didn't know.

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