The Boy Who Lived

What if Voldemort saw Neville as the threat instead of the Potters? After his dad is killed he goes to the Burrow, where he is raised and is eventually sent to Hogwarts, for his wizardry education. When a professor is suspected as having to do something with a stone, Neville, Ron, and Harry, try to find out about this mysterious stone. (Book #1 out of 6)


2. In Wonder

I woke up in a very cozy bed. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was hard because I didn't know where my Momma was and I wanted Daddy.

"Daddy? Momma?" I heard someone walk to the room I was in.

"Hello, Neville." It wasn't my Mom or Dad. It was Mrs.Weasley.

"'Ello. Where is Mommy?" I asked.

"She should be in her room,dear. Are you hungry?" I nodded. "Ok sweetie." She picked me up from the bed I was in, and brought me downstairs. There was a little red-haired boy downstairs playing Wizard Chess with Mr. Weasley.

"Ey! Who is you?" Asked the little boy.

"Ron, this Neville, he is going to be staying with us for a while."

"Oh. Want to pay?" I nodded. He seemed really cool, and while I waited for Mommy to come down and take me back home, I guess I could play something. Mr. Weasley got up to read the Prophet, so that I could play with Ron.

"Do you know how to pay dis?" Ron asked as I sat down. I shook my head.

"Ok. It starts like this...." After we had played a couple of games of the chess, two more boys came down.

"Yo, look who it is! Hey Neville!" One of the twins said, as he held up his fist in the air, and I bumped it. "I'm Fred. And this is George."

"Hi." I said. It sounded a bit dumb, but that was all that I could think of.

"Come on. Mum's got breakfast ready," said George.

"Just a second boys, I need to go get Mrs. Longbottom." Molly went up the stairs to a room, but when she came down, I couldn't see my Mommy anywhere. Mrs. Weasley went to her husband and there was a lot of whispering, and then I heard Mr. Weasley say, ".... An owl to her. The boy must be worried sick about all of this. I will also contact Dumbledore." As we gathered around the table, another boy, taller than Fred and George, and a bit like a nerd with his glasses, joined us. There were quite a few kids at the table, but I still didn't see my Mommy. They had started eating, but I wouldn't eat.

"Where's my Mommy?" I asked. Everyone stopped eating except Ron, and Mr. Weasley looked tired. He finally told me, "We don't know. I'm going to find out as soon as we are done eating. I'm sorry, Neville." My head was full of questions. Why would my Mommy leave me? Where was she? Where was my Daddy? Was I going to stay here? And if so, for how long? I finally decided I would eat a little bit, because I didn't want to hurt Mrs. Weasley's feelings, so I ate some of my eggs.

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