The world of S.D.A

Summary: In 2177 the sun imploded on itself and, the result half of the Earth is scorched and an artificial sun was created. With the artificial sun came the rise of supernatural powers in certain people. The supernaturals were soon contained by the rest of humanity in the S.D.A. (Superhuman Dueling Arena) in which they are pited against each other for sport. The last surviving supernatural is granted their freedom back.


2. Slade Jackson

Chapter:2 Slade Jackson Powers: Bone Control Carries: His robe Slade wanders around the forest looking for some weak prey as he hears a commotion stirring to the west. He runs to where a fight has broken out between a fire user and an earth user. Slade walks into the middle of the fight coating himself in a bone armor. The fighters stop and ask what Slade was doing and who he was. Slade did not answer but instead he shot out bone spears in every direction hitting both warriors in their necks. The warriors drop dead and Slade takes something from each of them as a trophy. Then he hummed a tune and walked forth looking for food.
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