I think I wanna marry you!

Savannah Rose Richelle, the nerdy, bubbly, positive girl.

Harry James Potter, the seeker, popular, perfect guy.

What could go wrong?

Savannah has had a crush on Harry since she first laid eyes on him. It's third year now, and romance is blooming everywhere. Will Savannah get to Harry before the most popular girl in the year?


13. Uh Oh...

Savannah's POV

I sat in the stuffy History of Magic classroom as Professor Binns droned on about goblins. Dean was asleep next to me snoring softly. I smiled as his hand slipped under his chin and his head hit the desk. "Ow!" He cried rubbing the spot he had hit on the desk. I laughed. "Are you okay?" I asked smiling. He grimaced. "Yeah. What are you laughing at?" He asked as I stuffed my fist in my mouth to muffle my laughter. "Oh, nothing," I said turning back to Professor Binns. The truth was that I saw Harry's face when he saw Dean hit his head. It was a mixture of glee mangled with a small bit of sympathy. He looked diseased. Finally after what seemed like years later, the bell rang. I gave a relived sigh and followed Dean and Seamus out of the classroom. "Hey Vannah," Dean said, "Seamus and I are going to meet an..un...study group! Yeah that's it! So, we'll see you later. Okay?" I faltered in my step. "O-oh okay.... See you later than..." I said. They ran off without another word or glance back. I felt like he was lying to me. But, he was my boyfriend. He wouldn't lie to me.... Would he?

Harry's POV

I saw Savannah standing in the middle of the corridor alone. I went over to her. "Where's Dean?" I asked as I wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "H-he left," she replied tears sparkling in her her eyes. I knew there was more to this than she was letting on. I knew she liked to stay happy and see the positive side of everything, so I let her tell me in her own time. "Oh Harry!" She cried suddenly. She flung herself into my robes and tears fell down her pink cheeks as she cried. I patted her back awkwardly. I never knew what to do about crying girls. "Harry, I think Dean is keeping secrets from me! We promised to tell each other everything! What could he possibly be keeping from me?!" She sobbed. I had expected something was up, but not that. I just hugged her. "If he's keeping secrets he doesn't deserve to date you. If you agreed to tell each other everything, than somethings up," I said comfortingly. She smiled weakly and was about to speak when....

"Harry!" Shouted a voice, "what are you doing?!?"

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