I think I wanna marry you!

Savannah Rose Richelle, the nerdy, bubbly, positive girl.

Harry James Potter, the seeker, popular, perfect guy.

What could go wrong?

Savannah has had a crush on Harry since she first laid eyes on him. It's third year now, and romance is blooming everywhere. Will Savannah get to Harry before the most popular girl in the year?


5. The seating arrangement

Harry's POV

Savannah walked through the portrait hole laughing. The sun gave her the look of a golden halo on her brown hair. It was almost an amber color. Than she saw me. I waved at her since I saw her looking at me. She turned and left without so much as a second glance. I felt my heart plummet. I went and sat down at the table where Ron and Hermione were.

"Hey guys, do you know why Vannahs acting so weird?" I asked.

"You really don't know?" Ron asked.

I shook my head.

"Well I thought it was obvious. The thing is that Vannah really sndhdbsnr," Ron started but Hermione covered his mouth muffling the rest of his sentence.

I gazed at the two of them.

"What are you not telling me?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's nothing Harry. I would love to stay and chat but we've got to go. Come on Ron," Mione said dragging Ron away.

I sighed and rubbed my temples. Girls were so complicated.

Savannah's POV

I woke up just in time for breakfast the next morning. I sat with Fred and George as normal, but today Lee joined us which was very odd. He's never out of bed before eleven. We laughed all through eating. Fred accidentally snorted milk out of his nose which was so gross that we just laughed harder. Finally I rushed off to my first class. Potions. I waited in the hall because, as always, I was the first one there.

"Hello miss Richelle, come in," said a voice behind me.

I turned around and saw Proffesor Snape. He unlocked the door and I walked in setting all my stuff at my usual table.

"Oh no, not there Miss Richelle, we're getting a new seating arrangement today. Stand there for now," Snape said lazily pointing to the left side of the room.

I gathered my stuff and went where he pointed to. Slowly people came and joined me at the wall. All the Gryffindors and Slytherins were here when the bell rang. Except one person.

"So, Potters late I desire?" Snape asked smiling a cold smile.

I looked around and couldn't see Harry anywhere. Snape started placing people around the room. I ended up at a table by myself while everyone else had a table mate. I sighed as I opened my book and started to make the sleeping drought I was supposed to be making. The door to the room creaked open and there stood Harry. He was gasping for air and his glasses were falling to the bridge of his nose.

"So, the famous Harry Potter decided that the bell did not apply to him?" Snape asked coldly from his desk.

Harry gaped at him, "N-no sir I just-"

"Sit down, Mr Potter. 10 points from Gryffindor," Snape said cutting him off.

He sighed and went to sit at the only open seat. Next to me. He smiled at me and I halfheartedly smiled back. I was about to add the crushed snake fangs when Harry grabbed my hand.

"Wait!" he cried, "It's not blue yet you didn't counter clockwise mix!"

I laughed at my mistake and Harry mixed it before I added the powder. We joked through class, and together Harry and I made a pretty decent potion. And I had the time of my life.

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