Feelings I wish I didn't have

Poems documenting stages of getting through a breakup.


7. This fire goes higher

This fire goes higher.
You said you loved me, you liar.
My situation is dire,
Like a nail in a tyre;
Empty, now deflated.
Your fault. My fault, I hesitated.
This internal riot
May seem quiet
To outsiders
But in my head
It does imbed.
It's loud, too loud.
Bangs, crashes around.
Drowns everything out.
Even the doubt.
No room for anything
But Pain.
She reins
In my brain,
Her broken domain
Always the same
And always more sane
Than Anger
Sometimes I'm glad I have her.
Anger is livid
Has no self control
He has none at all.
With his fire red hair,
He sits in a chair
Then stands
And paces around.
Whereas sad, with Pain, I lounge. 

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