Feelings I wish I didn't have

Poems documenting stages of getting through a breakup.


2. Reasonably well

I suppose that I am managing reasonably well,
My life is no longer a living, crying hell.
I get up in the morning, and I can see clearly.
The thing that is the problem is that i still love you dearly.
When I'm with you I worry about overstepping boundaries.
I might as well go back to flipping hugging trees.

You said "it's me not you"
You still wanna be friends, as you do.

You claimed on insta "hardest thing I've ever had to do."
But the thing is, it's hurting me not hurting you.
I can't even look at you, without looking at your lips
Remembering on mine, how softly they would kiss.
I look at others to distract myself. Their faces morph to yours.
I just want you to be happy, but the wound is fresh and sore.

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