Feelings I wish I didn't have

Poems documenting stages of getting through a breakup.


8. Once again

You left me
When I was most vulnerable
When I was low
You made me lower.
I was neck deep
In depression
And I was just crawling out
When you sauntered over
And pulled me fully out
After sitting and watching me suffer
You changed your mind
Decided you did
Love me, after all.
And like a puppy,
After a telling off,
I bounded right back to your side
Not caring for what
You had done to me
Just happy to be with you again
But I forgot
Everything that can be done
Can be undone
And it takes longer
To put yourself back together
Than it does to fall apart.
You changed your mind
Once again.
There I was, thinking
That you made a mistake
That you still loved me like you did
And we started right where we left off
But no, you had got it right.
You left me. Again.
Left me for the second time
And that was all my heart could take
Will I ever love again?

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