My Personal Diary

Hope you enjoy, and before you ask, no, this isn't about my personal life, it's a book that I'm working on


1. School

She hated school, all she wanted to do was sleep, once she checked the clock she signed, they had about 20 minutes left of lesson. Soon her head had reached the table and the door of the classroom had opened and a mysterious boy walked in...

-Her Diary-

Today, yet again, I was sat alone for lunch, and some how my body had forced me to sit near the popular girls. My mind, like always- thought when sat there, ~I will never be like them, they hate me~

-Normal Life-

After about a minute, she turned and has seen a tall boy, blond hair, his ripped jeans and black top, he was so much like me... I turned away before he looked over at me, the back of my brown hair was towards his as the horrible teachers voice echoed "Sit down, Joe"

He looked around, soon he decided to sit next to me, the room was like half empty and he sat next to me. Lizzy looked at me from across the table (Lizzy, one of the popular girls) her face expressed that she hated me and wanted me dead- soon the clock struck three and I stayed there so everyone else could go, it would have helped getting out without a rush

*have fun- and leave ideas.*

~ mystery xx~

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