My life story

This is gonna be a story about my life, but I'm gonna use code names and nicknames for privacy purposes. Please help me with my jacked up life and PLEASE no judging! Thanks.


2. Fourth grade terrors

In fourth grade i had one friend. that was it. She was named after an awesome, kick ass Japanese Princess and i was named after a child my mum liked in a daycare that she used to work at. To be fair she was really good friends with her mum, and then her mum died, so of course it's an honor, but, Japanese Princess! I rest my case. I was also hated my Ms. Livielle and my friend was top of the class. Fourth grade, my teacher would give me so much hassle if i forgot to do one homework assignment within a two months period! It was so unfair!

Also, during that year, lunch was the worst. In fourth grade you don't have mean popular girls, right? Well, apparently we do, because M&M came into the scene. I call her M&M because she was mean and her name began with an M. Perfect code name. I hope. Either way, I sat with my usual friends, and in walks M&M, sits down, and we're like, okay, i guess im cool with that. But then she brings in magazines. "OMG isn't he soooooo hot?" Was basically the only thing said around the entire table. It's just a phase, i thought. Nope, because two months later they were still at it. I decided to move, but with no one else as my friend and Japanese Princess nowhere in sight, i ended up becoming friends with one of the lunch ladies because she was the only one to talk to. A FUCKIN* LUNCH LADY!! No offence to them, but that was a personal low. 

But hey, everyone gets years like that, where they completely fail school because the teacher hates you, and you befriend a lunch lady because you're lonely, right? That's what i thought! That is until fifth grade, when i went home sobbing everyday because it was so shity. 


**Don't worry it gets worse. Really, it does, but I'll add in some of the good parts of school, if i find any.**

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