My life story

This is gonna be a story about my life, but I'm gonna use code names and nicknames for privacy purposes. Please help me with my jacked up life and PLEASE no judging! Thanks.


3. Fifth grade:

In fifth grade, i had the WORST CLASS EVER!!! I had M&M, Noel, the football jock that doesn't know shit and hits on literally girl with a broad chest, Christopher the idiot with the vocabulary of a 3 year old, the other Christopher who was a complete ass whole, and Tabitchia. Well, her name is Tabitha, but i refer to her as Tabitchia. I wanted to cry. I had no friends in that class and was a small, undersized, innocent, weak, girl that was an easy target to ALL. Everyone picked on me. M&M and Noel teamed up on me, both Chris's were throwing verbal punches left and right, and the teacher, again, hated me. i had to act tough in front of everyone, including my friends and parents, but was dying on the inside. One day, i snapped. 


"Feara! Your hair looks stupid cut. And you're so dumb! I was talking to Mrs. Spagnoli, and i saw your grade! Ha! You must be really stupid to have gotten that!" M&M laughed. 

"One it isn't your business to know my grade, two you're probably lying like you do to your friends about being rich and three lay off of me! You are always picking on me and you need to, you WILL stop!" I cried. She stared me down. Just then Christopher came over. 

"You mad, or na!" He yelled stupidly seeing us. 

"Shut up!" I yelled, and raced to the bathroom. Half the class was watching. I sobbed really hard, and had to go home for the day. 



Another story is from GYM. we were playing volleyball and M&M had dropped hers, so i picked it up and handed it to her. 

"No one asked for your help Feara!" She said.

"I was just trying to help." I retorted back. "You should try it sometimes. It might actually make people like you." It slipped out before i could even think about what i had just said. She glared at me. I was "sick" the next day. But it lasted more then a day. The rest of the month rumors spread throughout the school, about my oily hair, pimples, BO, and all that shit that i didn't have yet. I was so mad at her, but obviously couldn't do anything because she would find more rumors to spread that would fuck my life up even more. So ya that concludes fifth grade, and luckily sixth grade isn't as bad. 

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