My life story

This is gonna be a story about my life, but I'm gonna use code names and nicknames for privacy purposes. Please help me with my jacked up life and PLEASE no judging! Thanks.


1. About Me

Hello all! My name will be Feara in this for security reasons. I have many haters in this world and if they were to find out i was writing this.... well i don't really want that so let's get started with the basics:

1) My name is Feara. It is a ship name for Fred Weasley and I. I love Harry Potter and will be making references all the time. 

2) I was born in Ireland, but moved when i was 1 and a half. All of my family except my nana, mum, younger brother, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Vicky lived and were born in Ireland. I have 15 cousins, three aunts, and two uncles. Also, I lived in NY up until three months ago when i moved here to NC. (I move when i was 13 btw) 

4) I have short blonde hair and i am slightly anorexic. I live in an apartment right now while we gather up money to buy a house. 

3) I have had many bullies throughout the years and will start in fourth grade, when the terror started. 


**Oh and i don't normally curse at all in real life but there will be cursing in this book. A lot. So if you don't like that don't read this book.** 

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