2. So............

So "HIM" we had started talking this summer it went for 1 word conversations to long paragraph texts. The more we talk the more i noticed he got me , he understood everything.

First day of school:

Well we texted the past 7 weeks so i was ready to meet him we counted down the hours and now it was finally here. I was nervous ,had butterflies in my stomach,sweaty palms an every thing. I wasn't prepared for what happend next....

So I get off the bus he was standing there , right there an he notices me in the crowd coming off the bus.

He says "hey beautiful you looked good in pictures but WoW you look way better in real life.."

I laugh softly and say "well you don't look as bad as your pictures do" 

HIM:"I just love your humor,(bell rings) hold up"

Me"What I can't be late its just the first day"

HIM"Well thats more of a reason to be late so the teacher has a reason to remember you an plus more time for us to spend together I've waited this long to see so the teacher can wait 3 minutes"

Me "Okay make it quick,what do you need to say" (late bell) [I run for my class]

HIM"ok maybe latter {sighs}"

Me "maybe{screams[as I run]}

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