Science And Occultism

Occult concept of evolution is vastly broader than Science as 'Intention' being the basic concept - the primary organizing principle behind Nature - ' Live and Let live ' and ' Climate of value fulfillment where the individual struggles to enhance the quality of his life and as well as of other spices.


1. Invisible.

" Veiled by the unseen light act other powers".

Unknown to the human mind,

deep occult mysteries lurk in Nature;

scientific discoveries- just a trace of eternal energy,

dwarfed in the race by the invisible giant.


Science with brain but without soul,

cut into formulas and equations the Nature's Truth,

Truth grasped as a mass of force but the essence

disappeared into the depths of Consciousness.


Occultism defined as mystical or hidden;

A direct and comprehensive knowledge of life as a whole;

Life in its various stages and innumerable forms;

evolving to a greater perfection,

Its abode the vast theatre of solar planets visible and invisible.


All in the Divine Consciousness,

guided and controlled by an occult hierarchy,

perfect human beings with skill and wisdom

interacting with each other.


Conscious beings, the inhabitants of the occult worlds,

exert both good and bad influence on earth and men,

not totally untrue the fairy tales of fairies, genii and titans;

somewhat true-our depressions, violent outbursts and dreadful thoughts

strange decisions and strange situations-the handiwork of evil forces

on people, the ignorant puppets.


The impact of dream world as in virtual world,

strange animal attacks in our dreams physically felt

body marks left -proof of the existence of occult worlds- the nonphysical planes.


Invisible to our physical senses and scientific equipment,

occult worlds peopled by beings of its own kind, both good and bad,

Their laws of physics, order of Time and Space, quite different from us.


Behind great machinery failures, big air crashes and terrible sea disasters-could be evil forces,

The artistic and cultural movements occurring at the same time all over the world

like Renaissance, Celtic Revival and the existence of core group of artists

or great souls or religions through out the planet during the same period-could be due to occult forces.


The existence of ghosts and messages exchanged on subtle planes,

Eyes and hands acting independent of the mind,

consciousness operating not only from the brain but shifting to any part of the body-

operates on this plane as well as on other planes.


Sensations, images and thoughts in our consciousness

and our perceptions on this plane being objective and real on other planes-

not necessarily madness or schizophrenia - could be the hidden occult anatomy in humans.


Change in thinking and comprehension

explains the meeting point of occult and modern science;

the subtlest dimension of physical, being called occult,

as spiritual is going beyond physical to bring in experience within us.


Some wise masters say:

Occultism is just a technology;

cellphones, Bluetooth, videos and computers,

stone tablet to tiny chip with mountainous information and what not?

the fundamental material-body, mind and energy.


Occult can be a positive force;

and it all depends on the practitioner:

who uses it and for what purpose!


And when manipulated by sorcery and alchemy

the use of elements-herbs, minerals and crystals,

The apostle Paul rightly says:

"They worshipped and served the creature rather than creator".


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