Science And Occultism

Occult concept of evolution is vastly broader than Science as 'Intention' being the basic concept - the primary organizing principle behind Nature - ' Live and Let live ' and ' Climate of value fulfillment where the individual struggles to enhance the quality of his life and as well as of other spices.


2. Evolution.

All modern philosophy of occult science from Besant and Lead beater,

represent the total fusion of eastern and western approaches.


Occult science describes Nature,

It consists of paradigms by process of experimentation.


Neo Platonism called as western paganism

believes mankind as an extension of Nature

rising from the lowest to the highest spirit.


Pantheism treats God and His creation as in  indistinguishable

while new pantheists saw the individual's evolution

through physical, social and emotional process.


While Romantics offered means of education and social progress

the Enlightenment Romantics like Goethe laid philosophical foundations-

for 19th century occultists like Helena Blavatsky.


Social science of psychology-a new definition for human soul,

the modern hypnotism-where one person can transmit forces to others in sessions;-

the basis in Franz Mesmer's ' animal magnetism '.


Close of 19th century saw:

Utilitarians, Free Masons, Mormons, Christian scientists and theosophists;

spiritualism evolved out of "folk magic".


Twentieth century established:

Para psychology and the term Extra sensory perception-E.S.P

coined by the psychologist J.B. Rhine;

and by 1950's various philosophies of Religious Science - mind over matter.

And Scientology by Hubbard, Freudian / Jungian psychology.


By 1960's & 1970's:

The guidance of spiritual Gurus from the East,

" The Age Of Aquarius " - the hey day of the hippie culture,

Maharshi's ' Transcendental Meditation ' by Beatles,

the influence 'turning within', access to infinite field of energy, creativity and intelligence.


By 1980's:

' The New Age Movement '- the mix of psychology, liberal Christianity and eastern mysticism;

The eastern and western spiritualism flowed together.


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