The King's Royal Daughters (ON HIATUS)

The story evolves around the French Revolution, capturing the joys and sorrows of the French Royal Family.


3. Chapter 1

The gentle clinking of cups and cutlery echoed in the vast dining room of the palace. Even from there, the Royals could hear the shouts of the French Protestants at the palace gates.

              “My husband, how are things outside?” Queen Claudine cast an anxious glance at King Joseph, who was seated at the head of the table.

             “Not good. The Protestants still believe that I am a traitor and all those rubbish. I have been trying my very best to dissuade them.There is someone stirring up trouble out there, I’m sure, just that I can’t put my finger on whom.” King Joseph replied, somber.

           “Papa, why don’t you let me help? I have a strong mind and good tactics. I have read of such revolutionary attacks and I know how to handle them.” Charmayne interjected, sipping from her cup.

         Queen Claudine and King Joseph exchanged a furtive glance.

         “No, Julia would be a better choice. She is to inherit the throne one day and learning how to handle such attacks would be more useful to her than you, Charmayne.” King Joseph responded rather sharply. Julia flushed at the compliment.

         “However we shall never allow either one of you to be exposed to the dangers of revolution while you are thus young.” Queen Claudine added, full of motherly protection and reassurance.

       Charmayne subsided into an angry silence. Marie, the youngest, leant over and poked her with a stubby forefinger. “Why are you always so eager to join Papa’s court?”

       Charmayne turned on her, a sneer gracing her face and twisting her features. “Mind your own business!” she hissed, before rising from her seat and storming off with her dress swirling around her.

        Feeling decidedly uncomfortable, the two sisters (Julia and Marie) finished their breakfast in several swift bites and then excused themselves from the room.

        As they pushed the heavy doors open, Marie asked in a low whisper, “What do you think of sister Charmayne, Julia?”

        “She is quite odd. After the rebellion began she started trying to worm her way into court affairs. I’m quite sure that I saw her meeting with the new butler, Dimitri, many times before. Her excessive amount of interaction with him is worthy of suspicion.” Julia mused.

        The two sisters exited the room and promptly collided with Charmayne, who was on her hands and knees. The elder sister looked at them with hatred, dismay and disgust on her face before flouncing off without a word.

        “See what I mean, Marie? She’s obviously hiding somethi-” Julia broke off as she took a few steps forward and trod on something crackly. Pulling her frilly dress back, she discovered a piece of parchment that had been shielded from view.

        “What’s this?” Marie picked it up and turned it over.

         It read:

Mademoiselle Charmayne,

        Our army is training well! More peasants are joining our group than ever. Just to let you know how strong our army is, the mass of Protestants at the palace gates as of now amount to merely twenty percent of our entire army. I do believe that we will be able to overpower the Royals soon. Meanwhile, do stay safe, for you are the most vital part of our plan that cannot go amiss.

Most Loyally Yours,


        “This must be what Charmayne was looking for!” Marie gasped. “According to the letter, she’s part of the rebellion, too. That’s a serious crime!”

         Julia had a frown on her face. “Speak nothing of this to anyone. No one should have to worry about someone or something that we are unsure of and have no proof of.”

         The two sisters trip-trapped away in silence.

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