realization through heartbreak

This is a story about my friend,who went through a hard time,and was painfully rejected by what he wanted most.

This is a true story,and I do have permission to write it, and please keep in mind,these are all real events,thoughts,and emotions.

Cameron is my friend,not me.
This is for the heart break competition,so please like,comment,and enjoy.


2. help


My name is Cameron,and this my story. It was time for the second portion of the tcap testing, and I was already feeling nervous. I'd been studying for this so long,and so hard,and now I don't even know if I'm ready! We got part one out of the way and went to take a wellness break,when me and Logan were having a conversation,and my friend Taylor struck a nerve. "Hey Logan,why are you so gay for Cameron." "What are you talking about Taylor?"he asked,but I on the other hand just started hiding my face in my hood,trying to hide the red tint creeping up the edges of my face. I decided to take a walk when my girlfriend Jessica jogged to catch up with me. "What's up." I sighed,I wasn't sure how I felt about her anymore. "Ugh,I'm trying to figure a very hard question out,but I'm not sure if I know the answer." "What's the question,maybe I can help you figure it out. Is it a riddle?" "No,it's kinda personal,sorry." He didn't like keeping secrets from her,or any of his friends. "It's s'all right,just wanted to help." He wasn't sure what he was feeling at the moment,sadness,anger,suprise,whatever it was,needed to get it in check, and he needed to do it soon. During part two of the testing,he used his scratch piece of paper and wrote this note.

     Taylor,I need help.

I have a personal question I need your help with,meet me in the corner at break.

     After that he sat patiently,trying not to do anything stupid because of his emotions. 'God damn it! Why does life have to be so damn difficult!' Was all he could think. Before he even new it,the test was over,and he was dropping the note on Taylor's desk. Then he went into the corner and sat on the counter. She walked over to her desk and saw the note,and shot me a puzzled look,I just motioned for her to read it. After which she walked over to me and just stood there. I figured I would start off the conversation. "Taylor,have you ever heard of liking two people at once?" Oh my god,who is she?" "He actually,I don't fucking know,this all weird as shit to me." "No Fucking Way,I knew you were gay." 'But I don't think I am,I still notice girls,but I'm starting to notice guys too." "Who is it,do I know him,is he in this class?" "No,he's in Mrs. Carico's class right now,we were just talking about him out side." He said,trying to give her a hint to who it was. "No freaking way." She said while almost screaming out loud in her weird fan girl ways. "Shut up,do you want to get us in trouble back here?" The truth was he actually didn't want Jessica to hear them,who was sitting two desks away. Too late,here she comes with a frown on her face,she doesn't like me hanging out with Taylor a lot. "Hey guys,what are you up to?" "Nothing much,what about you?" As soon as I said this,her frown grew deeper. She probably thought I was lying. "I heard Taylor's fan girl squel and figured something exciting was happening,so I came to check it out. No,I just said something about Draco and Harry. I knew I had just struck a nerve as soon as I had said it,Jessica hates it when I mention fanfictions. "Oh sweet jesus,quit talking about that bull shit,it just ruins Harry Potter." "No,it doesn't,because some of us actually wish it would have happened." As soon as he side this,she turned around and walked away. "Ok,this is too risky,we can take about this over the weekend, I'll text you." "That's fine,but aren't you forgetting something?" "What is it?" "You need my number." She said as she handed me a piece of paper with numbers on it.

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