realization through heartbreak

This is a story about my friend,who went through a hard time,and was painfully rejected by what he wanted most.

This is a true story,and I do have permission to write it, and please keep in mind,these are all real events,thoughts,and emotions.

Cameron is my friend,not me.
This is for the heart break competition,so please like,comment,and enjoy.


5. anger


    He had finally accepted the fact that he liked a boy, but it was still a rude awakening. He had been raised to respect others and how they are, including their sexuality. Cameron went a school where most people were Christian, and if he said anything to the wrong person it would be over. He had known that he had could trust Taylor because she had told him that she was friends with several gay kids at her church, Ty on the other hand, well he was different. Cameron was friends with him, but he still didn't think it was a good idea to tell him what was going on. That's why when Taylor came up to him with Ty in tow he got a little red in the face, but got totally pissed when he heard what came next.  "Cameron if you won't tell Ty then I will, he can be trusted and he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone." " No offence Ty but your promise doesn't mean much to me, you have a very loose tongue." He said while glaring at Taylor the whole time, the nerve girls have when it comes to petty little boy crushes. " Did you know that we're dating now?" Ty asked while he was silently telling Taylor to shut up. " I was aware of this fact, me and Taylor talked about it last night, however, that does not give me reason to trust you." Was his reply to what he said, even though it surprised him that she went through with her plan. " Please Cameron, pleeeease?' " Fine, I'll tell him, but if he tells someone I'm killing you, and if you tell someone I'm killing him."  Ty gave me a look that was a mix of two emotions, the first being scared. The second was daunting recognition that I wasn't being serious, and was just trying to scare them, but Taylor on the other hand knew that I was being dead serious. Ty turned and looked at Taylor, probably to see how she reacted to what he thought Cameron's 'joke'. " Your not joking are you?" Ty asked, slowly turning around with fear on his face. " I don't know, is it really worth finding out though?" He said with a smirk spreading on his face that Draco Malfoy himself would be proud of. " Fine, just to show you that I'm being very serious about this, I believe you and I swear not to tell anyone."  " Fine, Taylor you may catch him up on what's going on, but when it comes to the point that your telling who's involved, have him find me."

--------------------------------------------------------------Thursday, math class----------------------------------------------------------------

    As Cameron walked through the door to math, Ty ran up to him with a smile on his face and said that he was completely caught up on everything and that it made so much since now. " Wait slow your roll their partner, what makes so much since now, what did she tell you?" He said in vain at the fact the he was pretty sure what he knew. " It's clear now on who you like, it's Logan isn't it?" " Ugh, can't Taylor ever just do what she's told?" He said while rolling his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose , which just made his headache worse. " It wasn't Taylor, it was just really easy to figure out. You've been staring at him for the last two and a half weeks, like a high school girl with a crush but has no way of getting the guy." He said, making a point that Cameron was extremely unaware of. " Is it that obvious?" He asked him, already feeling the sensation of blood rushing to his cheeks. " Honestly, no offence, but it's so obvious that it's sad." Ty said earning him a playful punch in the arm, or at least that was what it was intended to be. Ty winced and rubbed his no red shoulder, massaging it and glaring at Cameron. " What the hell was that for man?" Ty asked meaning to sound mad, but it was kind of hard to take him serious when his voice had cracked. " Haha, puberty is hitting someone hard hu?" He said with a laugh, but he knew it felt, his voice had cracked before to. " No, that's the first time that its happened to me." The younger boy said with a look of exasperation on his face. " Eh, don't worry about it kid, it happens, it also goes away." He said comforting Ty to the best of his capabilities. " You know the first time it had happened to me was a lot worse." He said remembering what had happened. " Why , what happened?" Ty asked, with curiosity clear on his face. " My voice cracked on the bus in front of a bunch of high school girls, and then I got choked into near unconsciousness by a kid in the eleventh grade." For the rest of class the two talked about funny moments like that until the bell rang, and it was time to go home. As Cameron thought about this more and more, he realized that he forgot one important detail, but couldn't figure it out, until that night. While Cameron was sleeping he was remembering that day, and only then did he remember what it was that he had been thinking. He sat upright with a look of horror on his face, and whispered to himself in the dark. " Holy shit, Ty is one of Logan's best friends, and I just told him everything."





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