My Personal Diary

This is so you guys can give me some advice for my horrible messed up life. Please help. Also don't know what will end up in here.


12. 12.4.2016

Dear diary, 

                Okay I can't start it out like that it's just weird. Hey guys. Today was a lay around day for me. I woke up at like 10am and got on my computer. Then I did some editing for my cover store which you guys should check out btw. Then my dad went to the store and I did my homework. Then I wrote on my new story Hogwarts Truth Or Dare or HTOD for short, which you should also check out. And then I watched a really funny Mel Brooks film called Space Balls (a spoof off of Star Wars) and then I cleaned up dog throw up and then cleaned my room and now I'm to the present. I have school tomorrow, *Sarcastic yay* So i'll try to write. Night everybody.

-Willow <3

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