Malfoy's Baby Sister

It has been 7 years since my parents sent me to live with some of their distant relatives in Russia. It has been 4 years since, then, did I get expelled from Koldovstoretz for accidentally disintegrating a fourth of the school from a terribly concocted potion. It has been three years since then, I was moved to France, to attend Beauxbatons. My name is Venus Malfoy and I'm coming back home.


5. Chapter 5

A/N: I take forever to do anything, don't I? LOL!! XD~ Ny

Papers, quills, and books were stuffed into bags, while chairs scraped back and students hurried out of their classes; as the chime of the final bell of the day echoed throughout the castle. Venus and Brier made it down the staircase of the entrance hall, and spotted Freya standing to the right of the Great Hall doors. Spotting the two, Freya walked over to the two quickly, with a hop to her step. "I know it was suppose to be just us, but they insisted on waiting for us," Freya quickly spoke up. Behind Freya, walked up, Blaise, Theodore, Draco's group, and Pansy's group as well.

"That's alright. At least we can leave now," assured Venus.

After arriving in Hogsmeade, everyone broke off into their own groups. Venus, Freya, and Brier made their way through the village. They window shopped Gladrags Wizardwear, bought a few quills from the quill shop, and browsed the bookshop; before stopping in Honeydukes. Picking up a box of chocolate cauldrons, Venus noticed, to her left, that Brier kept looking over her shoulder,"Is something wrong, Brier?"

"Look," Brier whispered, "Is it me, or am I seeing zings?" she asked her two companions. Glancing towards where the veela was staring, they caught sight of Pansy ducking behind a shelf; then poking her head back out to see if she was spotted. She was basically kneeling from their perspective; and wouldn't have seen her if they've looked her way, at any other time.

"I see her too...I've noticed it since we left Gladrags...I just ignored it," responded Venus nonchalantly.

"I overheard her talking about you before..." Freya directed towards Venus.


"Yea. I heard her grumbling to her friends about 'Who does she think she is, hanging around my Draco', and so and so. I think she's trying to study you....Ever since she saw you and Draco together the other day," explained Freya as she picked up a few boxes of glacial snowflakes and dropped them into her already filled basket.

"Ooh..." Venus replied, "She could just ask me, instead of following my every move like that. It brings unwanted attention" a sigh escaped the Malfoy's lips. Freya and Brier look at each other and shrug; it was the best and most logical answer that was ever thought of.

"So vat do ve do now?" asked Brier.

"We just continue on as normal as possible; with someone stalking us," replied Venus.

"You mean, stalking you," Freya pointed out, with a cheeky grin and wink; and received an eye roll from Venus, who hid her small smile at the goofiness of her friend. Chuckling at the Zabini, Brier wasn't paying attention as she turned into the next aisle, and almost bumped into the other Zabini.

"Sorry," Brier apologized, a light blush dusting her cheeks. Blaise looked Brier up and down before replying

"Your fine, it is crowded in here"

"Blaise! What are you ding here?" Freya asked her twin.

"Theodore and I were browsing; before we left to go to The Three Broomsticks," he replied.

"Oooooo, can we join? I don't think Brier or Venus have tried the butterbeer here yet?" commented Freya.

"Why not. Let's pay for your stuff first," Blaise responded as he looked down at his twin's basket.


Grabbing a table at the back of the inn, the group didn't have to wait long to served. "Hello, and what would you guys like?" inquired Madam Rosmerta.

"Four hot butterbeers-" Blaise started to order but was interrupted by Freya.

"Pumpkin spice and cinnamon in mine please?"

"A hot chocolate for me," ordered Theodore.

After a few minutes of small talk and tasting butterbeer, Venus asked, "Brier, are you feeling okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Why?"

"Well...You didn't flirt with Blaise or Theodore, or any other guy that we've past by," Venus said in a lowered voice, but not whisper; since it was loud inside the inn. A look of shock came over Brier's face at this, but slowly faded into a smile, and soon giggling.

"I'm spending time with my friends. I don't need to do anything else to enjoy myself, when I'm already having fun," the Delacour responded, as a smile graced her lips. This seemed to cause a domino effect around the table; as everyone else started to feel warm inside themselves.


The group was walking back towards the carriages when Venus spotted Naomi and her friend rush into a shop, followed by the twins and another boy, who had dreadlocks in. "What's that shop?" Venus asked, no one in particular. 

"That's a joke shop, Zonko's. We don't have enough time to visit it though," Freya answered.

"When's the next trip here?" asked Brier.

"I'm not sure..." Blaise answered.

"We can go there first, when we can back though" Freya exclaimed excitedly, a big smile on her face. Upon arriving near the carriages, they met back up with Draco's group...and Pansy's wasn't too far behind. Gathering into the carriages, they watched as the view of Hogsmeade became smaller and smaller.


A/N: Hello again! So in three chapters will be the Yule Ball. Any ideas on what could happen?~Ny

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