Malfoy's Baby Sister

It has been 7 years since my parents sent me to live with some of their distant relatives in Russia. It has been 4 years since, then, did I get expelled from Koldovstoretz for accidentally disintegrating a fourth of the school from a terribly concocted potion. It has been three years since then, I was moved to France, to attend Beauxbatons. My name is Venus Malfoy and I'm coming back home.


4. Chapter 4

A/N*Venus is the name of the "sister" planet of Earth, and also the "second" planet from the sun. Venus is also the name of a Roman goddess, who's symbolism are roses, which play a part in the story. They're really just for fun and laughs at times; but they're also to show which traits of Venus are showing the most, or the mood at that particular moment.*

Brier laid, still, with a blank expression on her face, on the bed, as she had since the two came back from the Great Hall. Venus sat beside her, glancing over at her once in awhile in worry. Picking up one of her parcels, Venus opened up the box, revealing her mini quiches, and took two out. Wordlessly gave one to Brier, who nibbled on tiredly. Frowning, Venus found her mirror, and unwrapped it. "Alexandra Beaulieu," a young woman who's hair was a dark brown, but as it got further down, lightened all the way up to a soft blonde. "Lexie," the woman turned around, revealing her hazel eyes.

"Venus! How are you?" her voice sounded through the mirror.

"We've been better," Venus answered 'we', by laying down beside Brier, putting her into the view of the mirror. "As you can see....." sighing, Venus glanced at her friend, who finally finished her quiche, "Fleur was chosen as our school's champion," she said cautiously.

"Oh, I see now," Alexandra looked over at Brier, "Hello Brier"

"Hi Lexie," Brier voice was all but a whisper, as she gave Alexandra a small smile, which was returned.

"So Fleur was chosen as champion then, huh?" receiving a nod, she continued, "Do you know what the best thing you can do for her is? It's to help her," Alexandra advised.

"H-help her? But how can I help her?" Brier questioned, rightfully confused, as was Venus.

"The both of you can help her look for spells to use in the tournament. Four people are better than two...You'll catch spells that may be overlooked; and they could help her out....Besides that, don't forget what I told you about the potions, Venus. I'll send you the perfected one by the time you finish the ones I gave you," Alexandra was cut off by the sound of crying in the background, "Remember what I told the both of you; do what you can to help, and you'll have less to worry about. I have to go, but good luck and enjoy yourselves there," Alexandra finished and got up, leaving the room she was in. Venus put the mirror down, and turned to face Brier,who had a thoughtful look and small smile on her face. Voices in the common room got louder and louder.

"Lets go congratulate your sister," Venus suggested, as she pulled Brier off the bed, "I think she's back," straightening out her clothes. 

"Okay," agreed Brier, nodding her head with a smile; determination shined in her eyes now. Venus couldn't help but to smile at her friend's new found resolve. Brier suddenly hugged Venus, but no words were needed to explain; as Venus hugged her back. The duo soon headed out the door, but not before Venus placed her stuff on her nightstand, beside her vase of pink and yellow roses.


It was now November, and the day of the first task. Venus, followed by Brier, Gabrielle, and Ravenna, took a seat in the middle of the stadium; they had a perfect view of the field. It didn't take long for Draco to find them, and he sat next to Venus, followed by Crabbe, Goyle, and the Zabini twins; whom sat in front of the Malfoy twins. As the stadium filled up, the Weasley twins walked by shouting about bets; waving them over, Draco is giving his bet to the twins when a girl runs over, followed by another girl with multi-colored, and kisses George on his cheek.

"What do you need love?" George asked.

"I have a bet for you two," the girl mused.

"Oh, really?"

"George, don't you dare!" implored Fred, "You know Naomi's a beast at bets."

"Well, she's not nicknamed the Queen of Bets for no reason" the multi-colored hair girl added.

"Since Potter's in this..." Naomi began, "I bet something crazy is going to happen,"

"Oh, and like what?" George inquired

"Hmm..." at that moment, the task is announced; each champion is going to have to retrieve their golden egg from a dragon, that they've chosen. The mischievous glint in her eyes twinkled even more, "Harry's dragon is going to get loose....when its his turn"

"Fred, what do you think?" asked George.

"George, I think this is going to be the best bet ever. Naomi, you may even lose this one!" Fred agreed, at the possibility of winning a bet from Naomi.

"We'll see, won't we Fred?" the excitement in George's voice was evident.

"So what are you betting Naomi?" instead of answering Fred, Naomi whispered something into George's ear, as she pulls away, smirking, George's face was beet red, eyes wide, and mouth agape. Naomi handed Fred a bag of coins, and took a seat next to Freya, her multi-colored haired friend took a seat on her other side.

"What did you say to him?" Freya asked Naomi, noticing how flustered George was. Blaise shook his head, as Naomi chuckled into her hand.

"You don't want to know," was all Naomi's friend said, with a smile on her face.


Venus entered the bedroom from their personal bathroom, after warming up from her shower. "Freya was talking about us coming to Hogsmeade with her and others tomorrow. Are you going?" Brier asked Venus from her own bed.

"Sure, why not," Venus made it to her bed and sat on it, "That sounds nice," Venus said as she opened the porcelain box on her nightstand, and took out her potion bottle. Taking a sip, she placed it back into its box, and slipped under her duvet. "Goodnight"


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