Malfoy's Baby Sister

It has been 7 years since my parents sent me to live with some of their distant relatives in Russia. It has been 4 years since, then, did I get expelled from Koldovstoretz for accidentally disintegrating a fourth of the school from a terribly concocted potion. It has been three years since then, I was moved to France, to attend Beauxbatons. My name is Venus Malfoy and I'm coming back home.


2. Chapter 2

Taking a seat at the table with a royal blue banner hanging from above it, along with the students who wore the same color blue on their robes, Venus waited patiently as the the headmaster, Dumbledore, she believes, introduced the Bulgarians. Once they finished their performance, they sat at the table with the emerald green banner. "Yummy," Brier Delacour said under her breath as she watched the Bulgarians. Venus just shook her head at her friend; she did always seem to have boys on her mind.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Brier," said Fleur.

"What? You know they are," she smiled coyly at Fleur, who laughed at her.

"Oh shush, the Headmaster is talking," Fleur muttered quietly. Rolling her eyes, Venus turned her attention back to Dumbledore

"The tournament will be officially opened at the end of the feast," said Dumbledore. "I now invite you all to eat, drink, and make yourselves at home!" A vast variety of dishes filled the tables. Looking around the table, Venus couldn't really find a dish to her liking, so she just sipped water from my goblet, somberly.

"I think that table has bouillabaisse. The one with the red banner," Brier giggled when Venus's head snapped towards said table. "Fleur and I are going over to retrieve it. I just wanted you to know, so that you don't starve," Brier said with a smile before walking over with Fleur. From the expressions on their faces, it seemed like they were having a bit of trouble conversing. Sighing, Venus got up and made her way over to them, hearing them try, and fail terribly, to talk in english.

"Excuse me," Venus said catching the group's attention, and saving the sisters' from anymore embarrassment, "But are you perhaps done, with the bouillabaisse?"

"Uhh, yeah, have it," the boy with dark hair said, pushing the fish stew towards her.

"Thank you," replied Venus curtly, as she lifted up the dish; then turned towards the Delacours, giving them an 'are you serious' look. They looked sheepish as they thanked the boy, and followed Venus back to their seats. "Was it really that difficult?
Dearest cousin,
        I had that dream again, not the terrible one, just the bad one this time. Luckily. So far Hogwarts has been...decent. They didn't really have anything that I'd eat; all I had was water and bouillabaisse for dinner. Could you send me something so that I don't starve here? Anyway, it's a bit chilly here, but it's not as bad as it was in Russia. The common room the gave us is quite nice also, and so is my room. Thankfully it's warmer in here, than the rest of the castle. Anyway, I have to go, it's late. Don't forget to tell me about how you've been and everything.
                 With love,
                                 Venus N.M.

After signing her name, Venus watched as the words in her letter translated themselves to french. Giving her letter to a nearby owl, Venus made her way up to her room, to get some well deserved sleep.

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