Hannily Our Love


2. Confused

Emily's prospective

I should've not let Hanna leave, Aria is at Spencer's. I never told her, Hanna is going to be so mad.

Hanna's prospective

When I got to Spencer's house, I noticed Aria's car in the driveway. Great!...

I knocked on the door, hoping Aria wouldn't answer it. Spencer opened the door and smiled.

"Hey Hanna.. Did you talk to Emily?"

She asked while letting me into the house.

"Yeah, she's going to come over after her shift" I said while I sat down noticing Aria was in the chair right across from me.

"Hey Aria..." I said, trying to be nice.

"How's your affair doing?"

Aria asked knowing it would make me mad.

"Great!" I raised my voice, Spencer sat down next to me on the couch.

"Guys stop fighting, please"

Spencer sighed, and shifted how she was sitting.

"If I knew that Aria was here, I wouldn't have came..." Both girls stared at me "Honestly!".

"I wouldn't have came ether"

Aria mumbled under here breath.

Emily suddenly walked in, I smiled and moved to the side of the couch so Emily could sit in the middle of me and Spencer.

Emily sat down between us, and took a folder out of her bag. The folder was titled "Radley Student 12, Name: Bethany Young"

"Bethany...was Alison's look alike"

Emily started to explain "She had the golden curly hair, and blue eyes just like Alison does"

"So why was Bethany at Radley?" Spencer asked, while she stood up.

"Umm.. one second" Emily said and scanned throughout the folder.

"Anyone want something to drink?"

Spencer said and walked slowly to the kitchen.

"She had unstable mental issues or something like that" Emily said loud enough for Spencer to hear her.

"Tea please!" I said quickly.

"Same" Aria said, and glared at me.

"Okay, if your going to be like that just leave!" I said.

Suddenly Alison stormed into Spencer's house, without even knocking.

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