The letter

Halle Ashford is an abused, mistreated, scared, shy 11 year old girl that has an abusive mother and no other family. Her father left her when she was 3, and she has no siblings. She can change her appearance at will, which is Satin's work, according to her mother. Her bedroom is the cupboard under the sink, and she's only fed about once a day. Life couldn't get worse for her, until a letter arrives for her. What does it mean? Is she finally free? And what is Hogwarts?


3. diagon alley

Okay so sorry about not updating in a while but I have had so many tests and homework and pop quizzes I've been preparing for I just don't have the time. But track out is coming in a week so I'll be able to type then just hang in there. Oh and she will be in Slytherin or Hufflepuff. I am a slytherpuff so comment on which on you want her in. Thanks!

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