Blood Rain

A eighteen year old boy named Daiki Hajime has a sealing of a powerful shimigami that is known as the Iyachi, and he is a Shimijutsist that has abilities that can't be defined. He meets Kizzy Deilon who is the strongest Shimijutsist and she gets roomed with him and she becomes close friends with him. They want to become the greatest Shimijutsist.


3. The Undefined III

 The next morning Kizzy wakes up and she sits up. She looks at Daiki who is still sleeping. He doesn't have a shirt on and the bandages cover his shoulder and thigh. He doesn't have any covers on him and he is just wearing athletic shorts, and they are moved up to where the bandage on his thigh is. She smiles at Daiki. She gets up and walks to him to look at the symbol on his chest. She touches it with her index finger. She felt his muscles in his chest. She blushes and moves it back.

 "Wow his body is muscular. Well it isn't that muscular, but still." Kizzy says. She touches his chest again and rubs her hand on it. Her cheeks turn red. She snatches her hand back. "What the hell am I doing?!" Kizzy asks herself. She shakes her head and walks to the bathroom. A few hours later Daiki and Kizzy are in the administrators room. Kizzy is smiling and Daiki is leaning against the wall in her room. Kizzy has a blue sports coat with a greenish blue button up shirt. She has on a black skirt. Daiki is wearing a light blue scarf with a track jacket on with white going down the sides of the arms. He has black sweatpants and white sneakers. "We'd like to become a team." Kizzy says happily. The administrator nods. 

 "I knew this would happen." The administrator says. "Alright here is the laptop." She gives Kizzy the laptop. Kizzy opens it and Daiki walks to her. She searches for her name and she finds it. She clicks on it, and all her information pops up. Her rank is number one. Her gender is a female. She only has one parent because her dad died during the war just like Daiki's. Her abilities are shown on the screen as well, so is the name of her weapon and what type it is. She clicks on the check mark on the right of the screen. She exits out of her name. 

 "Here, now its your turn Daiki." Kizzy says. She hands him the laptop. He searches for his name and he clicks on his name. He clicks on the green check mark and a message pops up, and it says: "Are you sure you want to form a team? Both team members ranking with be erased from the independent ranks." Daiki clicks the yes button and their school picture shows up, and their last names are below the picture. Their ranking is fifty-four. Kizzt looks at Daiki and she smiles. 

 "Its official!" Kizzy says happily. Daiki smiles at Kizzy. The administrator smiles. 

 "With them two as partners, we will become the number one school in the country or even the world." The administrator thought. She smiles at her own thought. 


 Later that day Daiki and Kizzy are walking down the sidewalk. Kizzy feels hot in the August heat and she tries to get cooled down. She takes off her jacket and then she starts to unbutton her shirt. Daiki sees her and he looks away. She smiles at him. 

 "You idiot I have a training bra on." Kizzy says. She unbuttons her shirt all the way and she takes it off. She stops and puts her jacket and shirt in her bag. She looks at Daiki. "Do you have money for any ice cream?" Kizzy asks. Daiki takes out one yen coin. He flips it up in the air and he catches it in between his thumb and his index finger. He smiles with his eyes closed. 

 "Sure." Daiki says. Kizzy smiles. They get ice cream and they go sit on a bench. Kizzy is licking her's and Daiki is too. Kizzy looks over at Daiki and she hands him her ice cream. 

 "You wanna try it?" Kizzy asks smiling at Daiki. Daiki looks at the ice cream. 

 "What flavor did you get?" Daiki asks. 

 "Vanilla." Kizzy says. "Go on try some." Daiki leans his head closer to the ice cream. He licks it. Kizzy smiles again. "So which one did you get?" Kizzy asks. 

 "Oreo." Daiki says. Kizzy leans her head closer to his and Daiki looks at Kizzy with a wtf look. 

 "This is what me and my sister use to always do. We use to try each others ice cream's and then compare it to ours." Kizzy says. Daiki nods. Kizzy licks his. "So how was the vanilla?" Kizzy asks. Daiki puts his finger on his lip. 

 "It was sweet, and good." Daiki says. "So how was the Oreo?" Daiki asks. Kizzy smiles. 

 "I've had that so many times I remember the taste when I don't even eat it." Kizzy says. "In other words it was good." Kizzy says. Daiki smiles.

 "We can start missions tomorrow." Daiki says. Kizzy nods. They get up and there is some hounds coming at them. Daiki pulls out his katana and he slices the one that jump at them. Kizzy is alarmed by the hounds. The hounds have black fur, and crimson eyes. Their teeth are sharp, and saliva drips down from them. They gnash their teeth at Daiki and Kizzy. "You got you Infernojutsu with you?" Daiki asks. He holds his katana close to him with the blade upwards. Kizzy nods and she pulls her katana out, and she makes fire go around it. The hounds bark at them and one of them jumps at Daiki. He dodges the bite and he stabs the hound in the stomach and it dissolves. Daiki looks at the puddle of black liquid. "What is it?" Daiki thought. One of the hounds jump at Daiki while he was looking at the puddle. Kizzy tackles Daiki to the ground and they tumble down a hill. Daiki grabs Kizzy's training bra and he pulls her closer to him. They finally stop tumbling and Daiki's back hits the rail that prevents people from falling into the river. Kizzy falls onto Daiki and her breasts hit him in the face. Daiki's cheeks turn red in embarrassment. Kizzy gets off of Daiki and she gets up. She picks up her katana. Daiki picks up his katana and he looks at the hill where the hounds were. He doesn't see anything up there. Kizzy looks at Daiki. 

 "Why were you just standing there?! That hound could have killed you!" Kizzy says. Daiki looks at her seriously. 

 "When I struck the hound with my blade it dissolved into a black liquid." Daiki says. Kizzy looks at him in concern. 

 "It did?" Kizzy asks. 

 "Did you look at the hound when you killed it? Did you see it dissolve?" Daiki asks. Kizzy looks away and thinks. She remembers about what her mother told her about things that are possessed by shimigami. She remembers that if you kill someone or something that is possessed by a shimigami then it dissolves into black essences. She looks at Daiki. 

 "Those hounds were possessed by shimigami." Kizzy says. Daiki tilts his head in confusion. 

 "Shimigami? You mean those Gods of Death?" Daiki asks. Kizzy nods. 

 "We need to know more about this. My mom has a lot of books about shimigami in the basement. She taught me about the shimigami when my father joined the war." Kizzy says. 

 "Okay, we'll go to your house and learn more there." Daiki says.


 A few hours later Daiki and Kizzy are in her basement searching for her mother's old books about shimigami. Daiki looks in a box that has a lot of pictures in it. He looks at one when Kizzy was thirteen. She has her hair in a pony tail. She wore a white dress and she was holding some flowers. Daiki thought Kizzy looked cute in the picture. Kizzy searches through some other boxes. Daiki gently puts the picture in the box. He carefully sets it up on the other boxes. Kizzy's mother walks down the basement. 

 "Kizzy your dinner is ready." Mrs. Deilon says. She sees Daiki sitting on the floor with Kizzy. "Who is this?" Mrs. Deilon smiles. She has long blonde hair that go down to her back. Her eyes are blue. She is wearing a purple shirt with a kitchen apron covering it. She is wearing blue jeans. 

 "This is Daiki Hajime. He is now my partner in the team battles." Kizzy says. She smiles. Daiki smiles and salutes. Mrs. Deilon smiles again. 

 "Oh how wonderful." Mrs. Deilon says. "Daiki if you want to stay to eat you can." Mrs. Deilon says. Daiki smiles. 

 "I'll stay!" Daiki says. They are at the table and Daiki is chowing down on the food Mrs. Deilon cooked. "You're a great cook Mrs. Deilon!" Daiki says with food in his mouth. Daiki keeps eating like a hog. 

 "Thank you Daiki." Mrs. Deilon says. She smiles. Kizzy sweatdrops at the hog-like eating Daiki. 

 "My mother is a great cook, but it doesn't mean you can hog over the food!" Kizzy says scolding Daiki. Daiki gives her the "idc" look and he keeps eating. 

 "Look my foster parents isn't home all the time, so usually I have to stay at the school to eat. And I don't usually eat." Daiki says. He has a chicken leg and he points it at Kizzy. "You're a rich girl, so you always have food." Kizzy throws a piece of bread at Daiki. He catches it and takes a bite out of it Kizzy gets angry. 

 "You idiot! That was my bread!" Kizzy yells. Daiki shrugs. 

 "Well you threw it at me, so I suppose you gave it to me. You even licked my ice cream." Daiki says. 

 "You licked mine as well!" Kizzy says angrily. Daiki smiles. 

 "So we're even!" Daiki says cheerfully. Kizzy glares at Daiki. 


 A few hours later Kizzy is setting up her bed. Daiki walks into her room. 

 "I'll be going now." Daiki says. Kizzy looks at Daiki. 

 "It is late, so you might want to stay the night." Kizzy says. 

 "So where would I sleep?" Daiki asks. Kizzy smiles. 

 "You can sleep on the floor in my room." Kizzy asks. 

 "I guess I can." Daiki says. Kizzy puts some covers on the floor and another sheet of covers. Daiki lays down on the floor and he has his arms behind his head. Kizzy looks down at Daiki. Daiki looks at her. "So about your father. When did he die?" Daiki asks. Kizzy looks down. 

 "He died in the same war as your father." Kizzy says. 

 "So it was about seventeen years ago." Daiki says.

 "Yes." Kizzy says. She looks at Daiki. "I'm sorry if i'm harsh to you. Its because I am always alone. The people around me always had a father, but I don't remember mine." Kizzy begins to cry. Daiki sits up and looks at her seriously.

 "You're not alone." Daiki says. Kizzy looks at Daiki. "I lost my father too." Daiki smiles. "Anyways, lets get some sleep for tomorrow. We have to become the best tomorrow." Daiki lays back down. Kizzy lays her head on the pillow and she closes her eyes.

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