The third eye

My names Ambrose and I have killed...
It all started when I joined an uder ground group of hackers known as The Beta Elite's. Originating from Chicago, we joined together with the government and created "The Third Eye" (TTE). The creation of the third eye was to prevent the outside world from knowing about government experiments. The government was working on a Scientific experiment that would create inhumane side effect and mutate the volunteering soldiers. It all went wrong when one scientist got greedy and added another substance to the serum, creating one of the world's most feared mutations, Vampires.


1. Where It Began

The bodies of men and women were slouched about all over the deserted hallway. The hallway was a blood bath with blood splattered up and down the white walls. The first thing that came to my mind was that they had escaped, the test subjects had escaped. The question is: why was it going wrong all of the sudden? All the tests showed that there were no complications with the serum. 

  Whatever it was, I wasn't going to be the one to find out. I flung the backpack full of files over my shoulder and hurried down the hall looking for an exit when a scream of terror echoed down the hallway on the left. I took a right turn my feet padding the ground as quickly as they could go until I found the exit.

The fresh air was a blessing to my noise that had been filled with the smell of rotting corpses, I tightened my grip on the backpack and started to head to my Motorcycle. I need to hurry back home so I can figure out what went wrong, we were given permission from the lab that the serum had been ready so something had to of gone wrong in there. 

I cross the small field of green grass and throw the backpack on the motorcycle when suddenly a meaty hand threw me away from my bike. I groaned sharp pain shot into the back of my head as I landed with a Thud! Putting my hand to the back of my head I sit up to access the situation only to see a man with pure red eyes staring at me, he had nails as long as daggers and hair that was a pale grey, his body was a medium build but he had good size of muscles on him, you could see the man's breath in the cold air as he huffed and puffed. 


"What the fuck.." I groaned standing up, this man must be a psycho. out of nowhere the man lunged himself at me.


I woke up with a cold sweat covering my body.. It was just a dream, sighing in relief I got up and walked to the mirror that was nailed to my bedroom wall and looked into it.

"Well it was just a bad memory." 

Putting my hand to my neck I run my fingers over the bite marks that were on my neck.

 "Just a bad memory...." 

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