The Invisible

Life isn't easy when you're the younger twin in a respected family, and Kaze Rais knows this well, being constantly overshadowed by his brother Rajin. However, when a mission goes completely out-of-control, Kaze is forced into the Invisible, a mysterious land where the only inhabitants are those who know little more than he does. With Rajin missing and stranded with faint hopes of escaping, Kaze, along with newfound companions, has to discover the secrets of the Invisible - and face pasts that never should have come to light...
Rated Y for violence and mature/dark themes.


3. Chapter 3

Watching celebrations from above wasn’t new to him, and indeed interesting, but not when black smoke poured from the flames of festivity in the stone plaza.

 Felisa coughed. “Sometimes, I just wanna go toss a bucket of water over all of them. One with ice and all the good stuff.” She glanced towards him. “Agree?”

 He smiled and nodded. Not only did the singing accompanying this particular celebration make him want to cut off his ears, the smoke itself hung around the central areas of Caelum for weeks afterward.

 “Why’d we come this way, again?” Felisa asked, glancing away from the burning fire below.

 “We have to see him, remember?” Taru signed back. Even if the festival for the God of Fire took the record for having the most after effects with its smoke, the other helper wouldn’t go back to his house without speaking with them. No choice but to see him.

 Felisa shook her head. “Yeah, yeah…” Another wailing verse of song echoed from below, and she kicked a molten-red tile off the house’s roof. It clanged down, smashing into the brewing flames below.

 The citizens ignored the crash and continued in their festivities.

 “…At least it’s a good cover,” Felisa muttered, then leapt to the roof of the next house. “Come on!”

 Taru nodded, and jumped after her, the smoke stinging his eyes with ash. “Why do they have giant fires in the middle of a city, anyway?” he signalled.

 Felisa shrugged. “I’m not from Caelum. Don’t ask me.”

 Taru wrote a mental note to ask their third companion about this celebration. If he didn’t know, then only a few would.

 Felisa crouched down and looped a rope around a chimney, glancing into the black ash coating the inside. “I think this is it.”


 She didn’t answer as she finished the rope’s knot. “Let’s –”

 Smoke puffed from the chimney, coating her face in a blanket of ash. Taru smirked as she coughed, rubbing the dust off with her sleeve. “Pah! Ugh, this festival is horrid.

 “Blaming it on the festival, huh?” Taru signed.

 “…Shut up.” With a sigh, Felisa stepped to her feet and stomped on one of the tiles. It fell away, the technology inside whirring, humming, as it coiled away to reveal a hole in the roof.

 A squeal came from inside. “The roof broke! The roof bro –”

 “Quiet!” Another voice interrupted. “It’s just them, okay?”

 The conversation continued below, and Felisa turned to Taru.

 “You wanna go?” Felisa asked. She picked up the rope, curling the end around her wrist.

 “Ladies first.”

 Felisa smiled, face somewhat grey from the ash. “Hah. Sure. You seem to think highly of that standard.” Clutching the rope, she jumped into the hole, only prevented from crashing into the floor by the loop around the chimney.

 Another momentary shriek came from the room beneath, and Taru shook his head as he climbed down after his friend.

 Most of the room was dark, with only a flickering lamp lighting the area, along with the light slipping between the cracks of the curtains. A couple of desks were scattered over the room – some solid, and others cracked and broken. The murky scent of dust hung around the air – at least it was better than the MIS headquarters, with its over-scented flowers. No one out of place there. Safe for now. No guards to take his life.

 Well, aside from the little pigtailed girl, huddled in a corner with wide eyes. “B-B-B-Big…”

 “Settle, settle.” He glanced towards their other helper, who sat at one of desks, filling in some kind of form. “Hey, Taru, Felisa. Sorry about her – I usually pick her up after this, but time apparently flies nowadays.”

 Felisa nodded. “Yes, indeed. Your sister, I guess, Kaze?”

 “Aiko.” Kaze sighed, scribbling down something on the papers in front of him. “If there’s one thing I appreciate about having to meet you today, it’s that I have things to fill in that Rajin shouldn’t see.” He pushed the desk away and stood, glancing towards the hole in the roof and the light on the ceiling. “Aiko needs to be enrolled for high school, and she didn’t give any forms to me until today.”

 “Teacher didn’t hand the forms over until today!” Aiko interrupted, folding her arms. “Not Aiko’s fault!”

 Kaze lowered his voice. “I suspect she just forgot.”

 Felisa stifled a laugh, and Taru smirked.

 “Now…” Kaze walked over to them, frowning. “What’d you want?”

 “Any news?” Felisa asked.

 Kaze paused, pulling on the ends of his violet scarf. “The Caelum guards aren’t impressed with you two. They’re thinking about hiring a ninja to track you down, and since you’re the Silent Sniper, Taru… they’d probably call on Rajin. He won’t listen to reason. If he gets sent to deal with you, your execution will come a lot sooner than you think.”

 “…Come on…” Felisa groaned. “Anything else?”

 Kaze smiled. “He shouldn’t be able to take you on for at least a week, maybe more. A portal appeared in Terra, and he’s dealing with it. He can’t take both missions at the same time, even with his duty obsession.”

 “…The Silent Sniper?” Aiko peeped. Taru glanced towards her, noting her pale face and her trembling. “Big Brother Kaze’s helping the Silent Sniper…?”

 Kaze hesitated. “…I owe them my life, Aiko. A debt I still need to repay…”

 Felisa nodded. “You don’t have to, remember?”
 “No. A ninja’s duty is to pay back his debts.” Kaze shook his head. “That’s what Rajin would tell me, and for once, I agree with him.”

 The incident with Kaze two years ago was one of the few important memories Taru still had left. Black magic, coiling and swirling, the harsh, cold voice, speaking poison… it was all too clear.

 He pushed the memories from his mind. Nothing good came out of remembering the awful, horrible incidents from back then.

 “Oh, Kaze?” Felisa flicked her ponytail behind her shoulder and folded her hands behind her back. “You know the MIS, right?”

 Kaze nodded. “What about them?”

 “Does your brother work for them?”

 A squeak came from across the room, presumably from Aiko, and Kaze nearly dropped his black ink pen. “W-What?! No way!”

 “That’s what the boss said.” Felisa shrugged. “There was some confusion over which ninja worked for them.”

 Kaze shook his head. “I don’t, and neither does Rajin. He may be a duty-obsessed idiot, but he can’t stand not being in charge for more than five seconds.”

 Taru inwardly chuckled. At least that brother of Kaze’s was less likely to actually come after him if he couldn’t stand leadership.

 Kaze sighed. “I know what you’re thinking, Taru. No, Rajin would. He can stand leadership if his own goals align with theirs. And he’s not interested in having an infamous criminal running the streets – aka you.”

 Taru rolled his eyes.

 “I saw that, Taru.”

 Taru glared.

 A hand grasped his shoulder. “Don’t argue, you two.” Felisa flicked a loose strand of his hair behind his ear, and he pulled away.

 Kaze snickered. “If I didn’t know already, I’d think you two were in love.”

 Both Taru and Felisa went red.

 “N-No way!” Felisa shook her head. “Kaze Rais, I am TWELVE! Not EIGHTEEN!”

 Kaze flinched. “Twelve? …Wow. That’s… different.”

 Felisa frowned. “You didn’t know?”

 “Girl only a year older than Aiko!” Aiko quipped, hesitatingly trotting out from the shadows. Her footsteps echoed around the room, somehow not covered by the sounds of celebration. “Does age mean Silent Sniper is young, too?”

 Kaze shrugged. “You’ll have to ask them. I don’t ask.”

 Aiko glanced towards them, clasping her hands together. “How old is Silent Sniper?”

 “You’re encouraging her…?” Taru signalled, and inwardly groaned.

 “I can understand you, Sniper. You may think I don’t, but I know sign language,” Kaze replied. “Felisa?”

 “He’s thirteen,” Felisa answered. “Strangely, the ‘teenage instincts’ haven’t kicked in.”

 “Shut up!”

 “So that means…” Kaze paused, looping the ends of his scarf around his fingers. “I owe my life to someone younger than me, and from two years ago. Curses. I thought I would handle myself better than that.”

 Felisa giggled. “Hehe. What about you?”

 Kaze scowled. “Fourteen.”


 What on…? Taru thought. Kaze’s twin is that pest of a Rajin… Does that mean the most feared ninja in Medeis is…?

 “Your brother’s only fourteen?” Whether Felisa could read his mind or not, she spoke the same question he had – how in the world the ninja Rajin could be a mere fourteen-year-old.

 Kaze shrugged. “Don’t look down on someone because they’re young.”

 “Right!” Aiko chipped in, grinning. “Girl and Sniper’s faces are funny.”

 “We’re not –”


 Flames lunged through the wood of the house, and Aiko screamed and clung to her brother’s arm. The curtains evaporated into puffs of ash; the wood cracked and reeked with the scent of smoke; and the small lamps dotting the room burst with glass and fire. Felisa darted to the door, then stopped.

 The door no longer existed.

 Taru crept forward to see what lurked outside, and his eyes widened.

 Any thought of ‘relaxing’ festivals and worship had, ever so ironically, gone up in smoke.

 The massive fire that had been burning and blazing in the centre of the plaza was gone, with only clouds of ash covering the sky and ground. Pavement stones were cracked, blackened and smoking. Taru couldn’t see anyone – all those people who’d been celebrating, gone.

 Kaze slipped up to them too, and shook his head. “No… what happened?”

 “Bomb! Someone threw a bomb!” Aiko’s grip tightened, and Kaze sighed.

 “Come on,” Taru signed, and stepped out into the destroyed plaza. A creak came from behind, and Kaze and Aiko dashed past him as the house crumbled, flames licking at the wood.

 “Well… there goes one of the hideouts.” Felisa shook her head. “We’ll need to discuss a new meeting spot later on.”

 “That’s not important.” Kaze glanced over the smoke, pouring from the fireplace, where only minutes ago flames had been burning in celebration. “How did this happen…?”

 “They must have snuck in, then dropped some sort of bomb.” Felisa paused, and twirled a strand of hair. “But I don’t see anyone… alive or dead. Wouldn’t the explosion have hit them?”

 “…Girl too calm,” Aiko murmured. “Wait… the school! Big Brother Kaze, the school!” She darted off.

 “AIKO!” Kaze yelled. “Oh, curses. WAIT!”

 As if in response, Aiko stopped, but didn’t turn around.

 Kaze dashed to her, and Taru and Felisa followed. A sigh came from Aiko’s direction.

 A sign visible over the buildings lurked in the distance. Aiko’s school, most likely.

 “Bomb didn’t hit school…” Aiko breathed. “Safe…”

 Kaze murmured something underneath his breath, frowning.

“Why are people so calm?” Aiko asked, cocking her head. “Bombs, destruction –”

 “There’s no use panicking.” Felisa didn’t take her stare off the ground, watching a stone snap in twain from pressure. “If we all panicked, we’d never get anywhere. You’re a ninja, aren’t you, Kaze? Surely you know why…”

 Kaze sighed, and pried Aiko’s grip off his arm. He slipped into the remains of the fireplace, and scraped away the ash with his foot.

 He crouched down. “…A bomb. Planted here, with a set radius for the plaza alone, on a timer. The people must have been warned and told to flee. No other explanation for why no one’s here.”

 “You can tell that from ash?” Felisa asked.

 “No. The markings on the ground are from a timer radius-set bomb.”

 “Markings…?” Felisa glanced over the ground where Kaze was, frowning. “…Oh, I see. Those?”

 On the soil in place for the festival, the bomb had carved an arrowhead, like a triangle with no base. Kaze pointed to another symbol inside of the arrow – a circle, with a sword within. “I don’t know what that is…” he murmured. “It reminds me of something, but I can’t remember…”

 Taru stared at the circle, then flinched.

 No way… it can’t be…

 “Taru? Is something the matter?” Felisa tapped his shoulder. “What’s up?”

 “The sky,” Aiko answered.

 Kaze whispered something to her, and Aiko cocked her head. “Expression isn’t literal?”

 “I know the symbol,” Taru signed. A bomb with that symbol made on its explosion… it couldn’t be a coincidence.

 “What is it?” Felisa asked.

 Taru glanced away. “It’s Zander’s symbol.”

 Felisa gasped. “No… not him…”

 “Who’s Zander?” Kaze raised an eyebrow.

 “…He was the one who ordered me to kidnap you two years ago.”

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