Senior Journal

This is a 100% real journal about my senior year. I kinda wanted to document this year as it is my last year in regular school before I go to college.
Just a brief on myself, I am 17 (I'll be 18 a week and a half after I graduate) I am in band, and have been doing that for 8 years. I play the flute and guitar, I have been playing guitar for a little over two years now. Over the summer I plan on learning many more instruments but I am getting way ahead of myself. That is all for my College Journal.
The rest you will learn about in this journal that I am going to try to update every day but we shall see. DISCLAIMER: Every name will be changed so you can not identify who it is as well as location names, just for privacy. ALSO, I know that school has been going for a few weeks now but I only just thought about it.
Here to make friends and help the young ones survive like I am going to try to do this year,


1. Inro to me


It is currently 2:02 in the morning, Monday October 3rd. But since there hasn't come around and I haven't slept so I am going to still consider it Sunday October 2nd. 

Well, Journal. So much has happened this year. Obviously I am a Senior, I have met so many great people, continued great friendships with other great people, and already have managed to be broken hearted by a not so great person.

Band this year is alright, our theme is "In the Realm of the Angels" I mean it is alright but it surely isn't last years show, "Top Gun"... Even though it isn't Top Gun I have met a lot of great people, one of whom Identifies as Tinker bell, and she could totally pass because she is so short and adorable. I met a guy through her and a few other band members and we went on a few dates and we were official, together, a thing and he friend zoned me. HE FRIEND ZONED ME. How in the world do you friend zone your girlfriend. How does that work. Your lazy butt had me drag you to all of your dates, pick you up at your college on my lunch hour, take you using my own gas to our dates, I payed for my own meals EVERY TIME, and yours meal ONCE. You didn't give me a dime not for gas money, not for your food or even my food that I paid for with my hard earned money at my job (he don't even have a job by the way, and can't drive cause he only just got his permit...... he is 19. NINETEEN. I am 17, have been driving for three years, and this NINETEEN YEAR OLD BOI HAS ME DRIVING HIM AROUND, PAYING FOR SOMETIMES HIS MEAL AND ALWAYS MY OWN, WITH NO JOB, and can't even give me gas money. I am sorry, just because I have a job and my own car doen't make me your slave. Then he goes and friend zoned me like a month ago, and I haven't really talked to him since, even though I totally fell for him and have deep feelings for him but you know it's cool. Love my state. Honestly the people in this state are honestly the reason I want to move to anther state, the people and the temperature, it's too cold for me here.

On top of all this, my phone is like two weeks over warranty and it is acting up. Why couldn't it have done this when the warranty was still on it? I am not paying 200 dollars to drop the contract with my phone company to pay 500 dollars plus on a brand new phone. I am not made of money, I work in a fast food joint as a server, not a Hospital as a surgeon.

Well, Journal, as it is 2:32 am I should probably shut my laptop for the night and report to you when the day is over.

Wish me well in my Senior year, dear journal,

and I will write to you in the morning

The One That Got Away xox

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