Forever Yours

Alana Reyes knows Dominic West is trouble. Even though they were friends when they were little, Lana still doesn't forgive Dom for all the mistakes he's made in his life. They stopped being friends ever since the start of middle school, and they both regret it. Dom became one of the jocks, while Lana stayed true to her friends and didn't change for anyone. What'll happen if they try and work together to sort things out?


2. The player formerly known as my best friend


Oh, Dom. Thinking you can just come up to my locker and suddenly stir up a conversation? In your dreams. You broke me once, and I'm sure as hell not going to let you do that again. 

I look up at Dominic, taking in his features. He's an asshole, but he's hot as hell, that's for sure. He has dark brown hair that looks black and has piercing eyes like darkness. Darkness. Just like him. I can't help but stare at him for a brief moment before looking away. 

"We're here." I say. Dee's Coffee is an extremely popular place to hangout where Dom and I live, and being here just brings back all the amazing memories we made together. I can't help but wonder if our friendship was just for nothing. Dom smiles at me, and I don't know what to think.

"I'm so sorry, Lana." The nickname rings in my ears. Lana. Only my friends and Dom call me that. I was beginning to think he forgot about the nickname present to both of us many years ago. 

"Really?" Dom stares at me in confusion. 

"What's the big deal?" He asks. Seriously? 

"The big deal is that you just came up to me and expected me to act like everything is okay! Dom, it's not okay! I know we used to be best friends and I wish we still were, but things are different now. You have your people, and I have mine."

Dom takes my hand and warms it with his. "Lana, I'm so sorry for what I've done, and I want us to be friends again. I miss having you in my life."

I can't help but smile. "Me too." 

He wipes a single tear from my eye, a gesture that shows he means well. 

We depart ways, and I think that we might be able to catch up sometime soon. I think I'd like that very much.


"I'm home!" I yell as I step inside my house. Silence. "Mom!" I stop short, seeing a note from my mom left on the kitchen counter. 


I left some snacks in the fridge. I'll be home with dinner soon. I just have to run a few errands and take a trip to the grocery store. Love you. 


The note is simple, but sweet. Since I don't have that much homework to complete, I decide to watch some TV. It seems the TV hates me, seeing that the only things that are on are about love. Romances that the average person could never have, and never even get involved in. 

I'm bored, so I decide to call Carly Brown, my best friend. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts last year and left me all alone in Miami, Florida. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but I would appreciate if I had more friends than one. "Hey! What's up?" Carly's in her room. She has her dirty blonde hair in a pony-tail and her brown eyes are staring at the screen, directly at me.

"Lana! Guess what?"

"What?" I ask, curious to know what she's going to tell me.

"Mike asked me out! At first, I was like, what? Then I overheard some guy in my English class tell me how Mike's liked me since last year. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah!" I am excited for her, but I'm going to tell her about Dom. "Dom wanted to ask if we could catch up, and we did, I guess. Hopefully school will be better tomorrow." 

"Dom as in Dominic? The guy you told me you were in love with in 6th grade, but then left you for a bunch of assholes?"

"That's the one."

"That jerk..."

"He is one, isn't he?"

"Yeah! I have to go, but I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay." I hang up, and try and focus on anything but Dom. He's all that's been in my mind, and I don't like it. I don't like it at all.  

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