Forever Yours

Alana Reyes knows Dominic West is trouble. Even though they were friends when they were little, Lana still doesn't forgive Dom for all the mistakes he's made in his life. They stopped being friends ever since the start of middle school, and they both regret it. Dom became one of the jocks, while Lana stayed true to her friends and didn't change for anyone. What'll happen if they try and work together to sort things out?


3. Not your typical greeting


Instead of coming up to me like a normal person, Dom decides to have some kids from band follow him to me, humming the words to a song. Surprisingly, Dom isn't a horrible singer. Instead, he's fairly good. 

"Hi." I say, rolling my eyes. It's Monday, and I'm sure no one would want to be standing in my place. I can't believe he sent kids to follow me and serenade me! "What's this?" The kids go, leaving only Dom and me. 

Dom flashes me a grin, and my heart beats a thousand miles a minute. "I thought it would be a good start to get our friendship back on track, you know?" I can't help but shudder. We've had so many great memories, but I'm not so sure how we'll do that. 

"I appreciate this, but I don't know if we can truly be friends again. You left me alone. In school I ate by myself, and I looked like an idiot." He rubs the back of his head with his hand.

"I'm sorry." He mumbles. "Um, don't you have Melanie, Willow, Christine, Kelsey, and Paris to sit with each day?" True. "They've accepted you into their little group, haven't they?" 

"I guess, but that's a bit different." 

"How come?" 

"They're popular, and they use me too... too get to you." Dom laughs, and I freeze. I blink my eyes to try to stop blushing. 

"Why would they do that?" 

"Look at you. You're perfect, and I'm sure all my friends have had a crush on you at some point." It's true. Paris told me she's liked Dom since last year. She's much prettier than me, which makes me think I have no chance with Dom. He smiles, causing me to turn away from him. 

"I'm perfect? Trust me, I'm not." 

"Oh." Just as Dom's about to say something the bell rings. "I'll see you later." I say, heading to class. Hopefully Ryan will be there. 

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