Remembering His Name

Quoet from the book:
"And that is why he was destined to be loved by many people, women and men, for a verry long time."

Faith, hope and love, tre Words, one harmony, but hard to prove.
This the begining of my story.

This story wil contain situations of my life,
Hope you enjoy.


3. Chapter .3

"Lydia will you please come downstairs for a minute." No question.

As I walked Down the stairs I heard my mother cry. Again.

"What's wrong mom?"

"Please sit Down." Again, no question.

"You will have to leave. I am sick.. I can't take of you anymore. Your uncle wil be here tomorrow morning, you are staying at his place for a while." She ended her speech.

I was shocked and could'nt speak a Word.

"Please say something."

"Goodbye." Is all I can say, cause I know this might be our last night together.


Next morning my uncle came as told.

I walked through my door, turning around, and looked through my room for the last time, before going Downstairs.

"Goodmorning love." A Little smile formed on my face as I saw him standing there, with his big boots on and a cigarette in his mouth.

"Ready to go?" my mother asked in the background.

"As ready as I can be."

"Well alrighty, then I'll just take your baggage." he said, walking through the door, leaving us inside.

"Goodbye my dearest, soon you will be home Again, I promise you. stay strong for me." as she let her arms surround me. And I felt her for the verry last time.

"I love you."




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