Just some poems I wrote a while ago that I never got round to uploading. Some of them are ok, some of them are terrible, one of them is already up here but I like it so I'm including it anyway. Pleas remember I'm an inexperienced poet.


1. Sick Days

The city is ill.


Cars run through her veins like thickening blood,

Slow moving,

S l o w e r,

Gradually congealing,

Pumped round by the stop-start rhythm 

Of faltering traffic light hearts,

Moving less than an inch 

With every green-light beat.


She doesn't breath so well these days:

Her lungs are clogged with viscous fumes,

And hazy clouds of nicotine smoke

 Have given her a hacking cough you hear
In rattling drainpipes late at night

That keep 




Her vision's going,

Neon light by neon light,

Iridescent cataracts,

Make everything seem blurry at the edges.


And she never sleeps:

Footfalls of night-shift workers,

And music with throbbing bass lines

That register on the Richter scale

Suspend her in perpetual insomnia;

Smears of dirt on the pavement

Are the bags under her eyes.


These last few years she's run a temperature

An ever-growing fever

That ebbs 
And flows,

And burns white-hot,

Makes daffodils bloom in December

And die as spring rains fall:

Her concrete skin is scalding to the touch.


Sometimes she screams,

Sends high-pitched SOSs

Through ambulance sirens

That wail like banshees

And rent the summer even ings

Into jagged halves;

But the pathogens

That hear them rushing by

Turn away, with hands over their ears

And do not listen.

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