Just some poems I wrote a while ago that I never got round to uploading. Some of them are ok, some of them are terrible, one of them is already up here but I like it so I'm including it anyway. Pleas remember I'm an inexperienced poet.


3. Let me Take a Selfie

Music thrums through a summer night
Breaks over their heads in waves
Of seismic shock
Bright stars
Like scattered grains of sand
Litter a darkening sky
The reflection
of sun-bright stage-lights
Makes their eyes into miniature moons
And exhilaration
Courses through their veins
Like triple-shot espresso.

But the hour is dying,
Breath coming in jolting gasps,
Well-worn and raggedy,
And in the blush of a red sky
They snap photos
Against the sighs of another generation:
They capture ghosts of an evening
Solitary glowworms
Picked from a crowd
And saved
As pale night-lights
In jam jars.

Another day,
And a weak white sun
Lights black office blocks on a grey street;
Monochrome people
Dressed as shadows of themselves
Blend in and out of one another;
But one of them
Looks at a captured memory
A fragment of something lost
And remembers an ocean of music
And spotlight suns 
And lights the gloom with a smile.

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