Just some poems I wrote a while ago that I never got round to uploading. Some of them are ok, some of them are terrible, one of them is already up here but I like it so I'm including it anyway. Pleas remember I'm an inexperienced poet.


6. I Walk the Road

I walk the road that you have dug for me -
You broke your back to chip away the stone
And up till now, you've always eased my way,
But now I must continue on alone.

For just ahead, the road becomes a hill
I don't know what I'll meet over its brow,
Or if I can return to you again,
Or if I will, or when, or where, or how.

I'll send a postcard from each foreign place,
But year by year, my face will fade from view,
Yet father who gave up your life for me,
I may go far, but I'll remember you.

I follow paths that I'm afraid to tread
When I look back, the night's not far behind
But I'll tread lightly down the road you built,
And put those distant shadows from my mind.



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