The Spice Girls

[Marauders' Era]
Seven girls will be going to Hogwarts:
Lily Evans' cousin, Ginger;
Lucius Malfoy's younger half-sister, Vanilla;
Molly Prewett's younger sister, Saffron;
The sweet lovable Nutmeg:
The spicy Red Pepper;
And the Padruig twins, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

They will change the course of history...for better, or for worst.


24. Return to Hogwarts Part 2

The Spice Girls (TSG) came through the barrier of the station and started to walk towards the train. Violet spotted her brother and walked towards him; Honey was stopped by Regulus and dragged off somewhere; Pepper, Rosemary, and Agaperose spotted the marauders and waited for them to catch up; and Youra and Primrose continued onto the train to find their compartment which was near the end of the train.

Violet stood next to, and a little bit behind, Lucius, who was being a divider between her and their father. Abraxas had wanted to talk to her in person and not by letter. He was trying to convince Violet to move in with him and Lucius. Lucius being the protective brother he is, and caring about his sister's well-being, shut his father down before he could try to convince her any further. For Lucius knew that if Violet took his offer she'd not only be prohibited to date the Prewett, but also possibly be forced to join the rising Dark Lord when time came. Lucius then led Violet away from their fuming father and onto the train.

Regulus and Honey were in front of his parents, Orion and Walburga Black, who wanted to meet the girl that captured their youngest and favorite son's attention. At first they didn't want their son associating or even dating a Prewett, but they slowly accepted it when they learned she was in Persiantail and a pure-blood; which Regulus pointed out, so they'd be able to continue to date without any consequences.

The Marauders caught up with Pepper, Rosemary, and Agaperose. They greeted each other with a hug, James and Remus prolonging their hugs with Rose and Pepper. Sirius giving a knowing look towards Remus, who just ignored him. They got on the train immediately coming face to face with Lily. When Lily saw James and Rose she rolled eyes, but greeted Remus kindly, and continued on to her compartment. Rose looked at James amazed, because, he didn't try to ask her out, and it meant the rumor about James may be true. Pepper just glared at Lily's retreating form and sighed.

Three-sevenths of TSG sat in their compartment; Honey and Violet were off with their boyfriends at the moment. Lotus (Agaperose), accompanied by Rose, went to go find Severus. Sev was sitting with Lily and her friends,  Alice and Marlene, who were kind towards Rose and didn't understand Lily's disliking towards her. Rose and Lotus entered the compartment, greeting everyone, while being ignored by Lily. Not long after James, Remus, Naveed, Peter, and Sirius walked by but came back when he saw who was inside.

Naveed and Remus shook their heads at how James entered the compartment, by throwing/sliding the door open. "What do we have going on here?" James asked.

"None of your business you ignorant toe-rag!!" Lily shouted at him, "Now get out!" while glaring at him then Rose, "All of you"

"You should really watch your tone" James said "Besides, I just wanted to know-"

"No. I will never go on a date with you" James just looked at Lily then laughed, confusing her and everyone in the compartment.

"I wasn't going to ask you out" he stated shocking everyone, "You're not even my type anymore, and I haven't even asked you out all year. So, no thanks"

"What" Lily said confused

"Well, did you need something James?" Rose asked from her seat.

"Actually, yes there is Ginge...but I've seemed to have forgotten" James said rubbing the back of his neck.


"I'll get back to you when I remember, okay Rose?"

"Okay. Anyhow, I think its about time we got back to our compartment Lotus, don't you think so?"

"Yeah, you're right. Well, see you girls. See you Sev," Lotus said then left with Rose.

TSG sat in their compartment chatting away, watching the scenery change rapidly; until, it started slowing down and finally stopping at Hogsmeade Station. They filed out slowly, making sure to not slip or fall in the snow, and caught a carriage taking them towards Hogwarts.

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