The Spice Girls

[Marauders' Era]
Seven girls will be going to Hogwarts:
Lily Evans' cousin, Ginger;
Lucius Malfoy's younger half-sister, Vanilla;
Molly Prewett's younger sister, Saffron;
The sweet lovable Nutmeg:
The spicy Red Pepper;
And the Padruig twins, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

They will change the course of history...for better, or for worst.


23. Return to Hogwarts Part 1

Boy's POV
The Marauders all sat in James' room, in a somewhat circle, James just told them really big news. "So you're telling us, if I'm correct, that you're giving up on Lily" Remus questioned.

"But why though Prongs?" Sirius asked

"Her attitude is just awful; I can't take it anymore" James said, Remus, Naveed, and Sirius nodded in agreement; while Peter looked on blankly. "She's not the girl I fell for in 1st year; she's becoming even more rude and mean"

"Especially to Rose" Remus added

"Why is she so mean to her?" Naveed asked, "We can all see it. Rose loves Lily, but all Lily does is ignore her or give her snarky comments"

"She's probably jealous of Rose" Remus said

"But why?"

"Do you remember in first year about how she bragged about being the only witch in her family; and how proud her family was when they found out" Remus explained, "She probably felt special; and then Rose comes to Hogwarts and she's not the only witch in the family anymore."

"Don't forget she was placed in a house that wasn't used for centuries. That's got to be it!"

"It still doesn't give her the right to ignore someone that loves her and can't help or stop the things that happen around them" James snapped "Its not fair to Rose for Lily to treat her that way"

"Well anyway-"

"Boys!! Its time to go to the train station. Don't want to be late now do you?!" James' mom, Euphemia, shouted from the bottom of the stairs. The Marauders got their stuff, ran downstairs, and apparated to the train station.

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