Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


4. Mile High Club

Justin P.O.V.

When I wake up Mellie is snuggled on my chest. Her full lips are slightly parted and her bare chest is slowly rising and falling. The events from last night start to run through my mind and I can't help but smile. She looks like the nicest girl you'll ever meet but God was she good in bed. She loved to mark her territory and I had the marks on me to prove it. Her eyebrows scrunch up and she slowly opens her brown orbs. 

"How long have you been staring at me?"

"Only a couple minutes.So how long we're you dreaming of me?"

She rolls her eyes and sits up. She let's out a cute yawn and gets out of bed. She stops walking when she realizes her chest is bare. She looks at me with wide eyes. She covers her chest and heads to the bathroom. 

"Mel what's wrong?"

She doesn't answer and all I hear through the bathroom door is silence.

"Babe you're scaring me. What's wrong?"

She finally opens the door. Her lips are down in a pout. 

"Where's my bra?"she asks. 

I only laugh and bring her in my arms. Her bare skin is warm and soft. 

"Is that why you mad or something?"

She huffs and glares at me. 

"Well do you not remember what happened in the shower last night?"

She furrows her eyebrows as if in concentration. 

"We d-did it?"

I smile and nod. 

She face palms and nuzzles her head in my neck. I stroke her long dark hair and kiss her forehead. 

Melanie P.O.V.

I can't believe we had sex last night. Like why didn't I say no?Maybe it was just the heat of the moment or maybe I realized I would never get another chance to bang another celeb let alone Justin. But I usually don't sleep with guys from the club and when dating I wait at least three to four months just to make sure. 

"Well was I good?"

 I know the question is stupid but Niall never told me if I was good in bed. When I would ask him he would just say 'you're always perfect'. But that really was never an answer to me. Really he was just being a good boyfriend. 

"You're probably the best I ever had"


A look of panic crosses his face and he tries to reword his words. 

"I mean you ARE the best I ever had"

I only laugh and wiggle myself free from his grasp. And with one hand over my chest I go to the bathroom. 

"I don't know why you're covering them I've already seen them,"he laughs. 

I ignore his words and hop in the hot shower. 

Justin P.O.V.

I know I've only known her for less than a day but I think I'm slowly but surely falling for her. From her laugh to her cuteness. I know that she needs to be mine forever. But what I don't know if she can manage the fame. Many girls I've been with with always leave me because they're privacy always gets invaded. And even after we split the paparazzi still want to pursue them. I just pray that Melanie and I work out because I'm tired of being labeled the 'playboy of Hollywood'. It gets annoying and I just want them and my beliebers to see that I'm not a player and can be loyal. 

I shake my head to get rid of the thoughts and try to find some of my clothes for her. I make sure to call Diane to tell she needs to take Mel shopping. Once I find some sweatpants and t-shirt and a pair of boxers I head to the bathroom. I'm surprised she didn't lock the doors really. She seems to really enjoy her privacy. But when I open the door Mel is just getting out and she's full frontal and wet. 

I have to  look away so that Jerry doesn't get to 'happy'. She laughs and grabs a towel from the rack and wraps it around herself. When she grabs the clothes she frowns. 


"Justin these are boxers"


"I have a vagina if you didn't know and boxers aren't meant for vaginas,"she sasses. 

"Well boxers are known to be more comfortable for girls," I smile. 

She shakes her head and grabs the clothes. 

"Now don't be long we have to leave in 30," I say and leave her to get dressed.  

Melanie P.O.V.

I get dressed faster than I have in my entire life and put my dress in the dirty laundry thing. Once I'm out I walk out to see Justin has changed and is in a long shirt with...skirt pants? I shake my head and try to hold in a laugh. I'm pretty sure there's a name for them but it really just like a skirt with leggings underneath. Once I get my bag and phone a jacket is put over my head again and we're escorted from the hotel. 

All I hear walking through the crowds of girls screaming 

"Justin" and "Oh great another model"

The model thing does upset me considering I look nothing like a model and they haven't seen my face yet. I was so tempted to show them my ugly but a security guard named John said he'd kill me if I did. When we get in the car Justin takes a few pictures from the window but I have to stay as from it as possible so I don't get seen. When he's done we speed off to the airport. Though we don't talk Justin does cuddle me in the backseat and it's so peaceful until we arrive at the airport and it's more screaming girls and flashes. 

"How can you do this everyday?" I ask him. 

"One day and step at a time," he whispers in my ear as we get out. 

I have to practically run to keep up with the guards and Justin ,but once Justin's grabs my hand I don't care about having to run. Because he seems worth the run. I don't know if it's the fact that I haven't had boyfriend in a while but I think I'm falling for him. 


LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE it's so cute...unless you're a single potato like me 

Anyway hoped you liked the update lovelies 




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