Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


5. Mile High Club Pt.2

Melanie P.O.V. 

When we finally reach the jet I'm surprised. It was huge in the inside. The interior was dark and the seats were a pretty gold leather.

I sighed and took a seat and Justin sat on my lap.

"Get off me," I huff and try to push him off. 

He laughs and pulls me into his chest. 

"You know you love me but I'd rather have you sit on my lap to be honest"

I roll my eyes and push him off. I was about to go to the bathroom when a flight attendant stopped me and showed me to another part of the plane. Instead of showing me to a bathroom she shows me to a huge king size bed. The bed was covered in purple and white sheets. Justin favorite color was purple so I guess it was kinda expected. But after testing the comfortableness she finally ushers me to the bathroom. 

The bathroom was just as grand as the rest of the plane. It had a full bathroom basically.There was nice full shower combined Jacuzzi. It was equipped with what I'm expecting to be expensive equipment since I couldn't pronounce most of them. Once I've done my business I exit and find Justin sprawled on his bed on his phone. I hop in next to him and sit Indian style. He doesn't even glance my way. 

Now I know Justin is very popular...especially with girls. And I'm not stupid. I know that are probably millions of girls who look way better than me trying to get with him. And from what I learned from Sofia he gets tons of pictures from girls around the world every day. And I'm pretty sure he just doesn't ignore them. I know I'm probably just one of his many flings. Just a girl for a couple weeks.Or until the public deem me out of his league. 

I try to forget the thoughts but it becomes too much. I have to get up and leave before a single tear leaves my eyes. I sniffle my way to the seats and sit next to John. After a few minutes I feel a hand on my shoulder. I think it's Justin's but there's henna on it. I turn to see John frowning at me. 

"Let me guess you saw him on his Instagram or something and now you're feeling insecure?"

I can't help but nuzzle my head in his chest and cry softly. 

"I don't look like any of those girls John,"I sniffle in his shirt. 

He rubs my head and murmurs calming words into my ear. 

"Selena felt the same way love"

"She was insecure herself and many of the other girls felt the same way. It's just how we are"

"How could she be insecure?She was flawless"

"Everybody has a flaw whether we like to admit it or not"

I finally rid my self of the tears and manage a smile.

"You know at first I thought you were a real asshole John but I realize that you're a nice guy and I just needed to get to know you"

He smiles and I really look at him. He's young. No more than three years older than me.He has long chocolate hair and brown eyes. He kinda reminded me of Harry Styles if he had brown eyes though. He even had one dimple in his right cheek. 

"Um you're staring love"

I blink and look away. For some reason he looked cute. But aren't security guards supposed to be old and look mean? But he was pretty built but not like those crazy muscle heads. He had a strong body but a soft face.Like he couldn't hurt a fly. We end up talking for about thirty minutes and I get to know him even better. I finally know he's only 23 and his favorite color is blue. He also has a little brother named Hunter.  

Justin finally emerges from the back of the plane and sits next to me trying to give me a side cuddle. 

"Are you sleepy yet cause I am and I want a cuddle buddy"

I sigh but give John a final wave and head to the bed with Justin. We both strip of our clothes and get between the sheets. 

"Good night babe," he whispers in my neck. 

But even though I thought I was falling for Justin I might just be falling for his bodyguard too.

Maybe it's just my hormones...


Sorry it's been a while I've just been having some problems lately and it's just been difficult but I couldn't stand to go without an update any longer. Sorry this was bad the next one will be better. 




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