Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


3. Food Fight

Melanie P.O.V.

When we finally arrived at the hotel the car was surrounded by paparazzi and Justin had to cover me in his jacket so they couldn't take pictures of me. After walking a huge crowd and security guards we finally are able to get to the hotel room. 

"Sorry about that," he says removing the jacket. 

"It's fine the jacket smelt good," I said smiling. 

He laughs and wraps the jacket around me. I return one have a seat  on the big white bed. 

"Make yourself comfortable and I'll order some room service ok?"

I give him a nod and he pecks my cheek. My face feels hot and he laughs one more time and leaves. I take this time to look around the room. It's the size of Lilly and I's room combined. There's a huge flat screen on the wall. And the blinds have been pulled back a little to reveal a amazing view of the London. All the lights look beautiful in the dark night. I walk up to the window to get a better look when flashes erupt and I'm pulled back from the flashes. Justin pulls the blinds closed. 

"Never open the blinds are go near them unless you wanna be blinded"

"Sorry," I mumble in my hands. 

I' haven't even been her for an hour and I'm pretty sure the media got pictures and I'll be labeled as his new 'girlfriend'. 

"It's ok you're new to this just never do it ok? i don't want them attacking you"

He wraps his arms around me and I breath in heavily so I can take in his heavenly scent. 

"Um it's Giorgio Armani"

I cover my face again but he removes my hands and kisses them. 

"Are you hungry I didn't know what you wanted so I had them bring Chinese and Mexican"

"I love Chinese food"

I breath the sweet smells. The scent of sweet and sour chicken with fried rice fill the big room. I grab a plate and consciously fill it. Though I was starving from all the dancing I didn't wanna seem like a pig in front of him. 

"Well dig in and if you want we can take a shower when you're done,'he says with a mouth full of taco. 

I almost choke on my rice. 


"Um if you're comfortable with doing it of course"

I just bite lip and play with my chicken. I can't believe he wants to take a shower with ME. Out of all the girls in the club he wanted to take me to America. I was going back home tomorrow. Not only that but I would flying there on a private jet with Justin Bieber. I'm knocked from thoughts when I feel something hit me. I look down at my lap to see a piece of burrito. I look up to see Justin trying to hold in a laugh. I send a deadly glare and pick a piece of chicken and throw it at him.
He ducks in time and the food lands on the floor. He picks up a spoonful of guacamole and flings it my way. It lands right on my chest. I wipe it off and grab a spoonful of rice and flick it at him and it lands on his forehead. He laughs ad begins to throw sauces and tortillas at me. I retaliate with sweet and sour chicken and rice. 

Once we've ended the little fight and decide that I won. We do our best and clean up. Once we've cleaned all we can I head to the bathroom for a shower. I strip of my clothing and hop into the stinging water. I start to wash up when the door slides open to reveal an almost naked Justin. I quickly throw the small towel on me but it only covers my lower area. He smiles and finally strips off his Calvin Klein's and joins me. 

At first I'm extremely insecure around him. I mean he hangs around skinny models all the time. So I know he knows what perfection looks like and my fat isn't pretty. But despite the fact he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close. 

"You're so beautiful,"he mumbles in my neck.

I know he's known in Hollywood as the playboy who can never be tied down really. But why not give it a chance?He starts softly nibbling on my bare skin and grips mu bum harshly. I let out a moan in response. He chuckles and keeps squeezing. Then I feel something poke me.

"Looks like you woke up Jerry and he's ready to play now"


OHHHHHH almost smut 

Anyway thx for reading this and comment what you would like next...



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