Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


6. Chanel and Crying

Melanie P.O.V.

When I wake up I'm no longer in bed. I'm not even on the airplane. I'm laying down in the back seat of a car. I seat up and I'm finally able to see that Justin is driving but there are no bodyguards. 

"Um what happened?"

"You fell asleep and when arrived I didn't wanna wake you up"

I ruffle my messy hair and climb into the passenger's sit. 

"So where are we going now?"

"I'm taking you shopping because no hard feelings but your choice in styles isn't the best babe"

I try not to tell him that he has his own personal stylist so that he always looks good while all I have is Lily and her judgement. 

"It's ok"

I slump in the seat and look out the window. and see palm trees and Spanish type houses.

"I thought we were going to Atlanta not LA"

"Well I thought you would enjoy LA better than you would Atlanta. If you wanna go I can get a pilot on the phone,"he frowns. 

I just shake my head and kept looking out the window. How do you have pilots numbers in your phone? Especially one on speed dial. We pass like a million more palm trees till we arrive at a Chanel store. The store looked simple from the outside but I knew it would look way different inside. And just like in London there was a group of fans and paparazzi waiting for us. The flashes were flashing every second. And the fans were constantly screaming at him. 

I don't have a jacket this time and I'm forced to cover my face from the flashes and horrible words some of them are yelling at me. When we finally get in ,the clerk closes some black curtains so that they can't see in. I breath out a sigh of relief and take a seat on one of the white benches. I take this time to look around while Justin looks at some dresses. 

The walls are a basic white but in contrast all the pictures were in black and white. The store had black and white chic thing to it. The clothes came in all colors ad patterns. From wild leopard print to simple stripes. I've always wanted to wear clothes like this but I couldn't afford or wear them. But I've always liked looking at them and dreaming if walking down a runway. But those dreams were crushed when I realized I was too lazy to walk down the long runways. 

"Do you like this?"Justin yells raising a black skirt in the air.

"It's cute but my butt would be all out"

A smirk grows on his face and he mumbles something to himself. 

"Alright we'll get it then," he says and hands the clothes to the clerk. 

An hour and five outfits later we finally are done least here.

We go to three more stores until Justin has to go to the studio and record. 

I sigh and relax into the leather seat.

"Hey sorry about today but I need my lady looking as good as I do OK?"

I only nod and keep looking at the window. 

We pass more palm trees and half naked people before we arrive at a building. It's sleek and modern. 

He takes my hand and leads me into it. There were lots of rooms but most of them were recording booths and the other ones were just break rooms or something. 

"I'll be in here for at least the whole day. If you want to you can stay."

"Um sure I'd love to know how you do this kind of stuff"

He smiles and goes into the booth. A man walks in and sits down at the board. 

"Alright what song you wanna work on first?" he yells. 

"Let's do sorry"

The man nods and he starts pressing buttons and a catchy beat starts playing. I can't help but tap my fingers on my thigh while it plays. 


"You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty.

You know I try but I don't do too well with apologies.

I hope I don't run of time can someone call a referee.  

Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness.

I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice.

By once or twice I mean a couple of hundred times.

So let oh let me redeem oh redeem myself tonight.

I just need one more shot at second chances.

Is it too late to sorry?"


The lyrics seem personal and I know it must be about Selena. And I don't know why but I feel a pang of jealously. I mean Just Bieber is writing a song for you. But I know deep down I'll never like Selena. I'll never make him feel the same way about me that he did for Selena. 

I feel the hot tears burn my face and I know I'm crying. I'm stupid is all I can think. I just wish Lilly was here. She would tell me to suck it up and to remember that Leonardo DiCaprio is still single. But I'm not Lily...or Selena.

I grab my phone and get up and leave. I can't let Justin see me like this. 



Sorry if this was boring I haven't been writing my stories because of school work. But I hope you like it. I'll try to update faster....

Oh and go buy 'Sorry' :)


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