Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


10. An Empty House Is a Lonely One

Melanie P.O.V.

The flight was unbelievably long and the woman next to me kept sneezing. But I finally see the familiar flat I smile and almost hug the door. I open it and expect Lily to waiting for me but instead the place is empty. And I look through the flat and find the dyed blonde nowhere. I pull out my phone and text her. 

To Lily: where r u???

From Lily: ....

To Lily: where r u dammit ?!

From Lily: I can't tell you mel

To Lily: y

From Lily: becuz if i tell u you'll get mad

To Lily: just tell me

From Lily: At Justin's house

To Lily How funny Lily but where r u really

From Lily: at Justin house

Lily sent a pic


The picture makes me shake. She really with Justin. She was with Justin. How could she do this to me? I wanted to text Justin but I have been avoiding him all day. And if I text him now he'll think I'm jealous. And I guess in a way I am. I might have adored him like Lily did but after I got know him and his music I wanted to live with him forever. But our lifestyles just didn't fit together. 

But Lily's did. She was the daughter of Lionel Richie for God's sake. She made ready for Hollywood. She had the looks and the money. I mean my mom is one of the most successful bank women England has ever seen but I didn't keep her money. I wanted to grow up on my own. And now I'm friend less living in a empty flat. I know I was being patheic. But I didn't want to be alone. 

I call my mom and wait for her to answer. 

"Honey is that you?"

"Y-yes ma'am"i sniffle. 

"What wrong Melanie?"

"Um could you transfer my trust fund to my card please"

"Sure baby you ok?"

"I'm fine I'm just tired of being lonely. So I guess I better go buy myself happiness."

"Melanie now you know that;s not healthy"

"I know but I have no one but you right now"

"What about Lily?"

"She's in Hollywood chasing her dreams"

"and why aren't you there with her?"

"Because some people aren't made for Hollywood mom"

"You are beautiful and prettier than half the girls there. So tomorrow we are going to the mall to spoil you ok?"

"Mom please I don-

"No buts you are going and you are going to be happy"

"I love you mom,"I cry into the phone. 

"Don't cry baby and mommy loves you too"



This is kinda boring but it kinda made me cry. What do you think Melanie will look like with a makeover???

Oh and could someone comment some Instagram models for me to look up for Melanie. All races can be submitted:)

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