Random people are in a dark room, they stand on a red circle. If they step off, they get shocked, if they touch someone, they get shocked. Arrows point at them, they can control the arrow by pointing it at someone. A vote.

The people try to figure out who is worthy enough to live. Will they survive until they all are eliminated?

Based off the movie Circle.


1. Red room


    Her eyes flickered open, The girl glanced around the room, still half-asleep. "What.. Where am I..?" She asked herself. She noticed red arrows pointing at every direction, other than one white arrow pointing to her. She stood on a red circle, and a black orb, half of it in the ground was in the middle, very.. large.. 


Her heart started to beat fast, noticing people on other red circles, asleep.  The girl panicked and took her foot off the red circle, stepping onto the black floor. 


A loud ring made her cover her ears and step back onto the red circle, the alarm stopped. She looked back up, slowly she touched the person next to her. Another alarm. She pulled her arm back, realizing that she could not step off or touch anyone. A low grumble. 


"What..?" She looked up to find another person awake, a male, just as confused on the other side of the room. He glanced around the room, stepping onto the black floor, the alarm set off. The girl watched as the black large orb in the center moved around on its own a red spark starting to form. The male picked his foot up and placed it back on the red circle, realizing what the girl had figured out. 


Before the man could touch someone the girl spoke, "Don't. That'll cause an alarm." This made the man look up, fear in his eyes and slowly forming on his face. "What..?" he was confused. 


The girl pointed to the black orb, "I think if you touch someone of if you step off the red circle we stand on now, it'll cause an alarm." the girl explained. The man nodded his head, "What's you name?" he wanted to know. 


"Luna What about you?" she asked. The man nodded his head, looking around the room, "Jackson.. I- how did I get here?" His voice frantic. "I'm.. I'm not sure. Maybe we can try to wake everyone else up?" She suggested. Jackson nodded his head and began shouting,"Wake up! everyone wale up!" 


Suddenly, a loud ringing was set off, waking everyone up. People started to talk at once and everyone in a panic. "Everyone! Everyone listen, we're in some sort off.. room. I don't know how we got here or even when got here.. but whatever you do, don't touch each other or step off the red circle." She explained. Everyone started to calm down. 


That was until the black orb in the middle of the room started to move, and a person next to Luna fell on the floor, and a single blood tear fell from their eye and they got dragged away into nothingness. 

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